Maximize employee productivity by minimizing workstation downtime

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Employees rely on their workstations to perform their daily tasks and keep business going. Downtime can grind productivity to a halt, making customers unhappy and impacting their profitability. N-able workstation backup allows you to manage backup and recovery for Windows and macOS workstations from the same management console as servers and Microsoft 365 email.

A full system backup can help you restore complete desktops, laptops, or other workstations, including their data and underlying systems, to recover in case of device failure, destruction, or loss. Fast recovery helps keep employees productive and helps protect important intellectual property.

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If you only need to restore a few lost files or folders, this same workstation backup can be used to easily navigate to and restore only what you need. There is no need for full-system recovery to restore a few items, so these small, everyday disasters can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, with N-able Backup you can view, manage, and troubleshoot workstation backups from the same unified dashboard as physical and virtual servers and Microsoft 365 data. This helps save administrative time every day, not just when recovery is needed.

From full-system restores to granular item recovery, N-able cloud-first workstation backup is designed to help you focus on serving your customers, and to help them focus on their business.

N-able workstation backup offers

  • Simple deployment: Deployed standalone or integrated with N-able RMM or N-central®, our workstation backup protection only takes a few clicks. There is no backup application server needed.
  • Easy monitoring: Our workstation backup solutions allow you to view, manage, and troubleshoot the status of backups using a unified management console.
  • Granular data selection: Whether it’s a file, folder, application, operating system, or a complete workstation, N-able workstation backup software lets you select which data to protect and recover.
  • Cloud storage included: Our global data centers were built for security, meeting ISO standards, and workstation backups are protected using AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Availability: Our data centers are built for redundancy to maximize data availability and access.
  • Redundancy: Cloud first doesn’t have to mean cloud only. With our optional LocalSpeedVault, you can store a second copy locally for built-in redundancy and the fastest possible recovery.
  • Optimized resource usage: Following your initial full backup, our proprietary TrueDelta technology tracks and backs up only changed bytes (rather than full files), facilitating faster backup processes so you don’t need to schedule them during off-hours. Our innovative architecture is more efficient than traditional image-based backup, resulting in smaller incremental backups that run faster and take up less storage space. This means you can back up more frequently, and retain data longer, using the same hardware you already have.

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