Integrate Liongard with N-central and Backup

With automated documentation, actionable alerts, and rich reporting capabilities, Liongard unleashes MSP teams to operate at 10x, optimizing their resources and more effectively serving their clients. Known for their user-centric design and constant innovation, Liongard is setting a new precedent for MSP vendors. Their platform’s nimble implementation enables teams to integrate automated documentation into their existing workflows for faster insight across all managed systems.

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Integration features

The Liongard inspector for N-able N-central® provides MSPs access to detailed endpoint documentation to improve customer service and keep their teams on top of changes and alerts before they become problems.

This inspector will bring back data such as:

  • Roles
  • Groups
  • Devices
  • Jobs

The Liongard N-able Backup Inspector enables you to:

  • Access data on N-able Backup tenants such as protected devices/systems (including device overview, backup health and state), users and company overview info across all your customers in one place
  • Easily confirm backups are working without having to check each customer’s system individually
  • Get alerted within 24 hours when a backup fails or something changes, rather than finding out when it’s too late

Integration documentation for Backup

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