Empower Day 1: Wisdom from a Shark and the Future of N-able

Today kicked off the first day of the 2021 Empower by N-able conference. This year’s conference is fully virtual, allowing MSP partners around the world to level up their businesses without leaving their desks (or couches). Here are some highlights from today’s sessions.

Kickoff: Announcing the AllStar Program

David Weeks, head of community for N-able, kicked off the conference by going over the agenda and what to expect. He also announced the new N-able AllStar Program, designed to recognize, encourage, and reward MSP partners who are actively investing in their success and contributing to the N-able community. Based on levels of engagement, advocacy, and N-able product expertise you’ll earn points toward becoming a member of the program, which means special recognition—and swag.

Keynote from Robert Herjavec

During the morning, we heard from keynote speaker Robert Herjavec, who stars on the hit TV show Shark Tank and is a highly respected and recognizable business leader. His background story illustrates the importance of making your own success. Having moved from Eastern Europe to Canada, he went from delivering newspapers and waiting tables to building and selling several IT companies. In 2003 he founded Herjavec Group, one of the world’s largest privately held cybersecurity firms. During his session, he sat down for a fireside chat and Q&A to share some of the lessons he’s learned over a long, successful career.

Executive update from CEO John Pagliuca

Next, N-able president John Pagliuca took to the main stage. Pagliuca discussed the challenges we all faced over the past year, including the rapid evolution businesses underwent—and MSPs had to support. As part of this, John spoke about why we shifted toward becoming N-able, and how that allows us to get in the trenches with MSPs to truly empower you on your journey toward success. Pagliuca also covered some of the major advancements over the previous year, including the addition of support for Cisco Meraki and Microsoft Intune. Plus, he talked about the long-term vision for how we’ll support you as N-able partners, including world-class support, free ready-made marketing material in MarketBuilder, free training via the MSP Institute, and an integrated product vision based on the needs you’re facing in the market.

Product roadmap and vision

Mike Adler, new chief technology and product officer for N-able, spoke about the upcoming journey for both N-able products and MSP partners. In particular, Adler outlined his focus on delivering quality grounded in several values that align with the overall organization. He said he wants you to feel enriched by having products that meet your needs and those of your customers, be inspired by tools based on your feedback, and truly enjoy using the products. The main challenges he sees in the market right now include the consumerization of IT and the needs of SMBs, an increase in reliance on cloud computing, a deep need for more security, and significantly higher rates of remote and hybrid work. As the company builds out its roadmap, it will focus on helping you tackle challenges like these in the market while optimizing your business on the front end, in the back office, and on the offerings you give via the N-able technology ecosystem.

TAP Tank: 3 great vendors

The Technology Alliance Program (TAP) was created to help extend the capabilities of the N-able platform, whether that involves additional technical functionality or new services. TAP Tank sessions are a recurring series where members of the program talk about the value they bring to a panel of MSPs who put them in the hot seat and ask questions. In this session, we heard from three providers. First there was Lifecycle Insights, which provides a series of reporting solutions MSP virtual CIOs can use for their clients for QBRs, assets, budgets, and assessments. Next, we heard from Ooma, an internet phone service provider for both home and businesses as well as a provider of smart security systems. Finally, we heard from CrushBank, a provider of helpdesk applications built on big data to improve efficiency. In fact, CrushBank is built on Watson, the cognitive computing platform created by IBM.

Wisdom from the N-able team

Beyond that, members of our own N-able team brought some extremely practical information to help partners with everything from improving technical chops to growing a business. Head Backup Nerd Eric Harless covered the foundational elements of data protection, which set the groundwork for keeping customers safe from data loss. Head Security Nerd Lewis Pope covered the foundational elements of security today, including the current landscape and the pieces to put in place to help reduce risk. And Head Sales and Marketing Nerd Stefanie Hammond explained how to take your business growth beyond referrals using marketing techniques. If you couldn’t make these sessions, make sure to tune in June 9—they’ll cover the next level on each of these tracks.

Don’t miss out

While you may have missed today, it’s not too late. You can still sign up for the the last three days of Empower. Not only will you get access to the rest of the sessions, but you can watch replays of some of these talks, including the product roadmap session, executive update, and Robert Herjavec’s keynote.

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