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While this year’s Empower by N-able event is going to be held virtually, we have a ton of amazing technical content in store for you. Whether you’re technical or business-focused, there will be something for everyone.

To make sure you get the most out of the event, I thought I’d write down a shortlist of my picks of the technical presentations and boot camps for you to focus on over the four-day event. For a start, I’ve created five brand new boot camps, and Head Automation Nerd Marc-Andre Tanguay has created an additional five boot camps around APIs, PSAs, and the N-able N-central® and Microsoft Intune integration.

As a technician, you can expect the following from these Empower boot camps:

  • Learn: The boot camps are created by our Head Nerds who have years of industry leading experience
  • Scale: Adopting the best practices included in these boot camps should help your technical operation
  • Improve: A crucial strategy of any MSP is to have best-in-class technicians who are industry power users
  • Demonstrate: Show your employer what you’ve learned by utilizing game changing automation and product optimizations to improve your managed services business

So fellow MSP techs, here are some highlights for you to focus on during the four-day event.

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N-central Optimization Boot Camp

The N-central Optimization Boot Camp is for any tech or N-central administrator who wants to get the most out of their N-central server. Customer environments change over the months and years, so it’s important to keep N-central up-to-date with periodic maintenance and clean-ups. I’ll show you what to look for and how to tackle this on a monthly or a quarterly basis.

PSA and ITSM Boot Camps

There will be four boot camps around ticketing within your PSA or ticketing solution. Whether you use ConnectWise, Autotask, N-able MSP Manager (three of the industry’s leading PSAs), or you have your own custom solution or an IT Service Management platform, I’ll show you the integration and how to get the most out of it.

N-central API Boot Camp

This brand new boot camp will show you how to pull information from N-central and also give you the fundamentals you need to successfully use the N-central API (SOAP and REST) from PowerShell.

Patch Management Boot Camp

This boot camp happens to be one of my favorites. I love explaining how patching works with N-central, as well as how to implement the best method of patching for your customers, what to look for, how to patch them, and how to troubleshoot patching in N-central. This will be a great boot camp for anyone who needs the basics as well as anyone looking to stay in the know about patching their customer devices.

N-central Custom Monitoring Boot Camp

Custom monitoring is your key differentiator, so I will show you how to unlock some truly amazing ways to use this. Whether you want to understand how to build custom monitoring using PowerShell, WMI, Event logs, or SNMP, there will be something for everyone in this boot camp if you’re looking to understand N-central custom monitoring.

An Intro to PowerShell

This introductory PowerShell boot camp will give you the basics you need to set up your scripting environment, write your own scripts, use PowerShell modules to help you customize your workflows, and understand some of the core fundamentals.

Data Protection, Backup, and Recovery Boot Camps

Whether you’re using our integrated N-central Backup or a third-party backup solution, you’ll have the right boot camp for what you need in these boot camps focused on fundamental and intermediate skill levels.

If you haven’t already signed up don’t wait! Register here to check out the agenda and start planning your week.

Jason Murphy is the N-central Automation Nerd at N-able. You can follow him on Twitter at @ncentral_nerd or on Reddit at u/ncentral_nerd.

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