TAP Tank—keeping MSPs up-to-date with the latest cool tech and services in our sector

You may have seen we announced recently that we have more than 50 technology providers active within our Technology Alliance Program (TAP).

These providers include many well-known technology leaders, like Cisco, Sophos, and Webroot, alongside emerging innovators, including Liongard and Zomentum. The idea behind TAP is to help these and other software, hardware, and services companies develop and integrate their products with N-able solutions, creating a powerful ecosystem that gives our partners centralized access to the tools they need to run their business.

Our aim is for TAP to make it easier, faster, and more secure for MSPs to build their managed services businesses on trusted technologies that are proven to integrate and grow with the N-able portfolio.

In March we took this ambition one step further by launching TAP Tank.

Loosely based on the infamous Shark Tank format, TAP Tank is an interactive education and enablement series which features three N-able TAP providers pitching to a panel of discerning and successful MSPs about why their product should matter to MSPs and how they can help MSPs grow.

If you were at this year’s Empower event you probably noticed and maybe even attended three different TAP Tank presentations each focusing on different areas of MSP business—from support services to security. Nine companies took part in the TAP Tank sessions over the course of Empower, including Lifecycle Insights, Ooma, Crush Bank, Field Effect, Blackpoint Cyber, Infosec Institute, Inbay, SPP, and Able Ninja. And we’ve got more TAP Tank episodes coming up in the next few months.

We had initially reserved TAP Tank for completed integrations, but we’re now extending that to other new, cool stuff that’s available. We know how hard it is for MSPs to find the time to keep on top of new technologies and services within the MSP space, so we wanted to provide a fast and fun way for you to get insight into what’s out there.

So, look out for more TAP Tank episodes, but also keep an eye on this blog as some of the stars of the shows will be coming back to share even more insights with our community through written blogs.


Tyler McDonald is the director of business development at N-able.

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