A quick way to deal with email recovery in your business

Email is the primary means of communication for any twenty-first century business—but what happens when your email server loses its data? The ability to receive new emails (and retrieve historical ones) is critical to the success of any modern enterprise. Without an effective plan for email protection and recovery, companies may find themselves unprepared to comply with their industry’s data processing requirements and could lose important business as a result of associated security concerns.

As a managed services provider (MSP), it’s your responsibility to ensure your customers’ emails remain secure, accessible, recoverable, and archived as needed. As such, a comprehensive email archiving and email security software is worth the investment.

Any MSP worth its salt will be expected to provide secure storage and rapid retrieval of email. Let’s examine how an email archiving solution like N-able Mail Assure can save time and mitigate security concerns for both MSPs and their customers.

How do you change the email recovery process?

Email recovery allows an organization to retrieve sent and received emails. At first glance, this may seem like a process that doesn’t require much third-party software—after all, popular email servers like Microsoft 365 already allow for cloud-based email storage and recovery. However, Microsoft 365 and other email solutions often have where their provision isn’t necessarily best in class, and that can sometimes affect email storage and retrieval capabilities.

Many cloud-based storage solutions tend to offer some built-in security measures and encrypted email retention. But these applications typically retain emails for a limited time period and only do the bare minimum when it comes to encryption. As a result, businesses with a vested interest in efficient, long-term email recovery stand to benefit from a more sophisticated email archiving tool.

Fortunately, email recovery tools like Mail Assure do not require you to fully migrate your email archives from your existing email server. Instead, you can easily integrate Mail Assure with Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange for a smooth transition to an improved recovery solution. With seamless integration using an intuitive setup wizard, MSPs can easily install Mail Assure email archiving tools to expand their existing cloud storage services.

What’s more, Mail Assure allows you to synchronize your new recovery solution with your existing inbox, making it easy to retrieve email archives from a centralized N-able dashboard. Implementing a comprehensive email solution is as easy as purchasing the right tool and following the setup wizard to integrate your new software.

Why is email recovery and continuity important for businesses?

Without a strong archive and recovery system to ensure emails are protected, businesses can potentially lose important intellectual property. The job of email recovery software is to ensure the timely and effective retrieval of emails from a secure archive, and to help eliminate concerns about data loss and accessing old sent and received emails.

Additionally, good email solutions don’t focus solely on recovery: they also provide email continuity. Email server outages can be caused by cyberattacks, local power outages, or just planned downtime. In the case of cyberthreats, attackers can overwhelm an organization’s email server to the extent that the business is unable to function until the attack is properly mitigated. A server outage can have grave consequences, including costly downtime, stalled communication, and major productivity losses. With cloud-based email continuity services, however, your business can still access and send emails during a server outage. This email continuity helps to prevent the downtime effects of an unresponsive email server, helping ensure your email functionality is reliable even in a worst-case scenario.

Beyond maintaining email functionality during major outages, email recovery solutions can be an important safeguard against more mundane email issues as well. For instance, employees may accidentally delete emails that may be of importance someday. Enterprises need to be prepared for a scenario in which an important email has been deleted unintentionally. To help prevent your emails from being deleted for good, implement email recovery software that allows you to store and retrieve emails from a scalable, cloud-based archive that can retain archived emails for a much longer timeframe than traditional email servers.

Email recovery software

Because lost emails can quickly lead to lost profits or issues with customers, businesses around the world are finding that managed email recovery services are a necessity. With N-able Mail Assure, MSPs can manage email servers from an intuitive control center, with a customizable email retention period and 24/7 web-based continuity in case of a server failure.

With Mail Assure, MSPs will find a comprehensive, user-friendly email recovery solution that can be seamlessly integrated with existing email solutions. If customers can’t access their web-based email server, MSPs can easily send and receive emails directly from the Mail Assure control center.

Another major advantage of Mail Assure is its sophisticated security features. To help ensure protection in case of a cyberattack, Mail Assure offers extensive safety precautions beyond the encryption offered by Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange. Mail Assure provides fortified TLS encryption in transit and AES encryption at rest to prevent attackers from accessing your confidential communications. This solution also includes robust security features designed to prevent a cyberattack in the first place, including an email gateway complete with automated email filtering.

Email is the backbone of today’s business communications, and your customers can’t afford to lose access to important emails due to a downed server or an accidentally deleted message.

N-able Mail Assure provides an email recovery solution, an IP blacklist prevention solution, a web-based archival solution, and more—all from one centralized dashboard. With Mail Assure, you can keep email up and running for your customers, even during the unexpected.