What are advanced monitoring agents?

Monitoring agents are specialized software that help keep workstations, servers, and networks up-to-date via continuous, 24/7 scanning. They alert IT support staff to potential problems and help keep malicious software off the monitored systems. These agents help MSPs and technology professionals ensure safety and reliability while keeping track of networks.

The advanced monitoring agent in N-able RMM is designed to give you almost complete control when managing your customers’ IT infrastructure. N-able RMM, the remote monitoring and management platform from N-able MSP, is built to help you streamline processes with efficient, cloud-based, automated maintenance.

How does the N-able advanced monitoring agent work?

The advanced monitoring agent in N-able RMM is software pushed to workstations and servers that allows technicians to monitor and manage them remotely. Once installed, software agents can run around the clock without end user intervention. In other words, the advanced monitoring agent in N-able RMM can keep watch on workstations and servers even when your customers are away from their computers. N-able RMM can also help make maintenance more efficient by allowing MSPs to automate routine tasks. Once you push the advanced monitoring agent in N-able RMM to workstations and servers across customer sites you can:

What does the advanced monitoring agent do?

With N-able MSP, your clients‘ business security and continuity remain top priority. RMM is built to streamline both IT maintenance and MSP security by automating much of the routine monitoring and management. In other words, it continues running even when you or your clients are clocked out.

Some key features include:

  • Advanced network monitoring and management for servers and workstations across multiple customer sites
  • Alerts on issues across your managed networks, like disk health, out-of-date antivirus, and service status
  • Configuration profiles to allow you to push out agents all together or in groups, such as onboarding new customers quickly
  • Secure connections and encrypted data transfers via HTTPS

N-able RMM includes remote access to servers and networks. If RMM detects a virus or discovers a maintenance issue, you can remotely connect to the machine and fix the problem without leaving your desk. Since you don’t have to travel, you can save time and minimize downtime for your clients.

N-able RMM is designed to offer robust technology capabilities while providing access to dedicated customer service support when you need it. More than 22,000 MSPs worldwide choose N-able MSP to help them manage their IT services business. Want to join them? Start a free trial of N-able RMM to experience our advanced monitoring agent today.

How your clients can benefit from network monitoring software

Advanced network monitoring software can help businesses stay safe and productive. Businesses need their networks for critical day-to-day operations. If the network has an outage or gets hit with a cyberattack, your clients may be unable to complete their work—or they could miss out on important customer communications. N-able RMM offers network monitoring in addition to endpoint and server monitoring. You can monitor your customers’ networks from the same web-based dashboard as their servers and workstations instead of juggling multiple solutions. Integrated within N-able RMM is NetPath™, a network monitoring feature that allows you to view slowdowns in traffic both inside and outside your managed networks.

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