Monitor almost anything in your managed networks with a suite of network monitoring tools

Network monitoring is a core part of managed services, but widespread or complex customer networks can pose a challenge. Without the right tools, vulnerabilities can slip through the cracks—making it easier for bad actors to take advantage.

Keep a close eye on your managed networks with N-able N-central®. With N-central, you can monitor servers and workstations in Windows and Mac operating systems, along with multiple versions of Linux. You can also easily oversee mobile devices and virtual machines, as well as network devices like routers and switches using the platform’s SNMP functionality.

Simplify network monitoring with robust automation capabilities

Getting a bird’s eye view of your customers’ networks is only the first part of network monitoring. The information gained from discovery and health status checks should be used to power proactive maintenance and guide troubleshooting—which can be time-consuming for busy technicians already maintaining multiple customer networks.

Automation is the key to taking network monitoring to the next level. With N-able N-central Automation Manager you can create custom PowerShell automated monitoring services using its intuitive programming engine. You can then apply these automated tasks, rules, and configurations in bulk to the devices on your managed network. These automated features help make network monitoring even faster and more efficient so you can maximize efficiency as you scale while also upholding network monitoring best practices for your customers on a daily basis.

Troubleshoot quickly and effectively with network monitoring tools

Troubleshooting on complex networks is one of the most challenging parts of being an MSP. Without full visibility, it can be extremely difficult to know where exactly an issue is stemming from. Should technicians be looking into routers and switches or is a laggy application to blame? Could the problem be something else entirely? Without a network monitoring solution, MSPs can easily spend a lot of time trying to troubleshoot in the dark.

Network monitoring with N-able N-central helps you drill down to the root cause much faster. The tool collects and displays the relevant information about the devices on your managed networks so you can start troubleshooting right away.

Resolve performance issues as soon as possible to minimize downtime

To continue to maximize revenue, successful MSPs must do everything they can to provide high-quality customer service to their customers. MSPs can demonstrate their value by resolving performance issues as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. Powerful tools like N-able N-central can help.

N-able N-central allows you to rapidly resolve issues in real-time and perform background maintenance to avoid disrupting business-critical operations or causing downtime. Remote command lines and custom scripts allow you to make this simple for both your customers and technicians.

N-able N-central also allows MSPs to schedule maintenance during off-peak hours to help ensure you aren’t negatively impacting customers’ day-to-day activities. Following up proactive monitoring with fast, high-quality, behind-the-scenes IT support is the best way to keep your customers happy and productive.

Improve customers’ cybersecurity posture with network monitoring

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, it’s more important than ever for MSPs to ramp up their efforts to keep their customers safe. To help aid this effort, N-able N-central comes equipped with a full suite of security tools specifically designed for MSPs.

N-able Endpoint and Response Detection (EDR), which is integrated into N-able N-central, uses advanced behavioral analysis and machine learning to monitor for threats before they occur—and help mitigate their impact if they do.

With N-able N-central, MSPs can also automatically deploy antivirus protections and patches in bulk to devices on a network, helping ensure no device misses out on a security update. The platform also seamlessly integrates with other N-able security tools like N-able Backup, Passportal + Documentation Manager, and Mail Assure. N-able N-central can be combined with any of these tools for a truly comprehensive network monitoring and management experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is network monitoring?

What is network monitoring?

Network monitoring is a broad term that refers to the practice of continuously visualizing and monitoring a computer to uncover any performance issues that might negatively affect a customer’s experience.

There are many different ways to go about network monitoring but paying special attention to SNMP and flow data goes a long way. You can use SNMP to monitor network devices and their functions and flow data can help monitor network traffic patterns and important usage information.

Network monitoring is purely diagnostic. If slow or failing elements are detected via network monitoring tools, those tools will notify technicians of the issue. After that, you can resolve the issues and prevent further disruption.

What are some common MSP network monitoring challenges?

What are some common MSP network monitoring challenges?

Network monitoring is not an easy task. Without the right network monitoring solution you can run into these top seven challenges:

  1. Poor network visibility
  2. Lack of network performance baselines
  3. An inability to pull actionable insights from network performance data
  4. Improperly configured devices
  5. An inability to scale
  6. Performance issues that go unaddressed because of human error
  7. Unpatched software

What are the benefits of network monitoring?

What are the benefits of network monitoring?

Network monitoring is an essential part of the job for MSPs and IT administrators, and the advantages cannot be overstated. Network monitoring offers you greater visibility into your managed networks, and that information can be invaluable. You can leverage it in many different ways, from preventing network outages to making smarter resource-provisioning decisions.

The benefits of network monitoring include:

  • Making it easier and faster for MSPs to resolve performance issues
  • Facilitating proactive maintenance
  • Identifying security threats
  • Reducing downtime
  • Helping MSPs keep up with service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Helping MSPs manage growing networks

How do network monitoring tools work?

How do network monitoring tools work?

Network monitoring tools can streamline and automate the most time-consuming and labor-intensive parts of network monitoring. How exactly a network monitoring tool will do this depends on the particulars of the tool you choose, but there are a few things all network monitoring tools do.

At the most basic level, network monitoring tools work by detecting, monitoring, and analyzing a network, typically by examining applications and devices in real-time. The tool then alerts the MSP to these issues via notifications and helps them drill down on the root cause of these problems.

Network monitoring tools also check the health status of systems on the network, check all manner of protocols, and measure top metrics like the uptime of a server.

What features should MSP monitoring solutions have?

What features should MSP monitoring solutions have?

A network monitoring tool should be easy to implement and configure, and it should be able to support devices from multiple vendors. This will help you scale up and make onboarding quick and easy. At the very least, your MSP monitoring solution should also have:

The best MSP network monitoring solutions will also have features that facilitate proactive maintenance so MSPs can prevent or resolve issues before their customers report them, mitigating potential performance issues or outages.

How does network monitoring work in N-able N-central?

How does network monitoring work in N-able N-central?

N-able N-central functions as a comprehensive network monitoring and management solution that offers MSPs everything they need for complete oversight and organization of their customers’ networks.

N-central offers powerful network monitoring for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, mobile devices, and virtual machines. You can easily check the hardware and software health statuses of all workstations and servers in a single dashboard.

If a performance issue is detected, the N-central robust alerting system will notify you of it so you can troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly. Automated tasks and patches make maintenance faster and more efficient. Once the issues have been resolved, default and custom reports make daily monitoring easier.

Streamline, automate, and optimize network monitoring

  • Unlock a comprehensive overview of your customers’ networks
  • Troubleshoot quickly and effectively
  • Leverage robust security features to help keep your customers secure