Backup storage in the N-able global private cloud is included in your price

When it comes to protecting your customers, you want the best—but cloud backup should also be able to help you save on costs. With N-able Backup, backup storage in our global private cloud is included in the cost. And by integrating Backup with your remote monitoring tool, this all-in-one solution helps dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend managing backups while also reducing maintenance time and recovery windows.

N-able provides security-focused, cloud-based storage secured in remote data centers—providing MSPs with security, reliability, and availability, regardless of where business operations take place.

Encrypt data to maximize business security

Backups aren’t truly helpful without the necessary security measures to protect sensitive data. MSPs and their customers need software with endpoint backup solutions they can trust.

N-able Backup encrypts backups on site, then transfers them over one-way TLS 1.2 connections to our global private cloud. Rapid backups and recoveries are secured in transit and at rest with AES 256-bit encryption and are in accordance with ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and other certifications depending on the data center.

This solution also allows MSPs to create their own private key or have one generated during automated deployment. Managing and retrieving backups shouldn’t take up all your time, and N-able Backup helps streamline the process while maintaining security.

Discover flexible backup storage and recovery options

The N-able global private cloud is distributed across 30 data centers in 17 countries and four continents, including six US locations. This network makes it possible for MSPs to meet customers’ data locality requirements with ease.

When setting up a new customer, you can simply provide their location, and their data can automatically be routed to a data center in their country—or to the nearest regional location mapped to that country. The default mapping is based on proximity and takes regional entities (such as the EU) into account for the flexibility your customers need.

Professionally managed data centers, including provisions for physical security, power backup, and fire suppression

Factors like physical security and power continuity are crucial in making sure that your backups are accessible and safe. N-able partners with leading data center providers that offer 24/7 physical security (including biometric hand geometry readers for doors and server cages) to support the encrypted cloud backup software and digital security solutions built into N-able Backup.

N-able data centers are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies and backup systems, including diesel generators and fire protection systems (very early smoke detection and alarm [VESDA] systems) that are multizone, dry-piped, double-interlocked, and pre-actioned. Digital cameras also provide detailed surveillance and audit logs for each regional site.

Protect your customers with encrypted cloud backup software

  • Private cloud storage is included in the price of N-able Backup
  • Rapid backups and restores use military-grade encryption for maximum security