Protect your customers’ networks against threats with two-way configurable firewalls

Firewalls are an organization’s first line of defense against unauthorized access and incoming threats. The firewall examines each data packet that comes through it for certain security criteria, and anything that doesn’t meet those criteria is automatically blocked. This offers a good base layer of security—but modern businesses need more to protect against sophisticated attacks.

N-able N-central® helps MSPs protect their customers from a wide variety of cyberthreats with advanced firewall management software. The two-way firewall enabled by N-able N-central monitors both inbound and outbound connections for additional security, binding packets to applications. The tool also allows you to configure firewalls to your customers’ specific needs for a customizable approach.

Go beyond firewalls with a fully layered security solution

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, you’ll need much more than firewalls to fully protect your customers. MSPs need an enterprise-grade solution that helps protect customers before, during, and after cyberattacks for comprehensive security. N-able N-central includes firewall security management software alongside many other robust features that help offer a layered approach to security.

When used in combination with N-able Backup Manager and Risk Intelligence, N-central forms a powerful security solution that helps protect customers from all angles. Proactive security with configurable firewalls and patch management helps ensure your customers’ systems are up-to-date. Reactive security with backup and recovery capabilities helps ensure your customers don’t lose critical files or sensitive data in the event of a breach. Finally, N-able N-central helps you secure new customer devices with active device discovery.

With an all-in-one solution that includes centralized firewall management, your customers will be better protected from today’s threats.

Create custom reports with the integrated Report Manager to demonstrate value

While your firewall security management software may help significantly improve your customer’s security posture, you must also be able to appropriately quantify this value to continue growing your MSP business.

When you’re ready to discuss the improvements made to your customers’ security, N-able N-central makes it easy to demonstrate value. Security Manager with N-central is fully integrated with Report Manager, a robust reporting solution designed for the needs of modern MSPs. This tool features over 45 default reports, and you can also create branded reports that are customized for each customer to meet their specific needs. Reports can be exported as PDFs, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word documents.

You can also use Report Manager to help make more informed security decisions. Security reports can highlight improvements that need to be made to your customers’ IT infrastructure over time and provide easy-to-access data on new threats. You can also view reports on antivirus status across multiple client sites, making it easier to protect your customers’ devices.

Guard against threats with firewall management software

  • Protect your customers against incoming threats with strong firewalls
  • Incorporate centralized firewall management into a layered security solution
  • Demonstrate value and build your brand with custom reports