Solve customer issues quickly with powerful troubleshooting tools and fast connections

When your customers experience technical issues, they expect rapid response and resolution. Your technicians don’t have time to wait for their remote IT support tools to connect. That’s why N-able Take Control is a fast-connecting remote support solution that helps MSPs start troubleshooting ASAP, whether they’re in the office or on the go with the Take Control mobile app.

With this remote assistance software, you can connect to many platforms in seconds and start resolving issues fast. The Take Control tech console offers complete customer device information from system details to storage usage, so your technicians can zero in on the root of issues right away. Sharp diagnostic tools help your technicians understand and troubleshoot issues quickly—and sessions can only be started by a tech with appropriate permissions. This means they can protect your customers from unauthorized access, freeing up time to be more productive throughout the day.

Prioritize security with remote assistance software that features secure built-in access management

Remote assistance software is convenient and boosts productivity, but some solutions can expose you to additional security vulnerabilities. For example, traditional tools might rely on a remote desktop protocol (RDP), which leaves an open listening port on the end machine that hackers can exploit. With security features built-in, you can provide rapid support while maintaining protection.

N-able Take Control features multi-factor authentication, AES-256 data encryption, an Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key agreement scheme, idle session timeout controls, and more to keep your customers’ data safe while you troubleshoot. Each session can only be initiated by a technician with the right permissions, helping protect your customers from unauthorized access. With these security features, your customers can be confident that your support services are safe.

Gain visibility into service quality with near real-time dashboards

MSPs need visibility to provide high-quality remote assistance, both in terms of clearly seeing the end-user device and in being able to monitor interactions between your technicians and customers.

N-able Take Control offers crystal clear, 24-bit true-color and 4K+ monitor support to increase remote device visibility. It also offers visibility into multi-monitor configurations and small-format mobile screens.

To optimize resource usage, you can monitor bandwidth via an indicator on the remote viewer so you can work around low-resource situations and resolve issues without compromising your clients’ system speed.

Take Control also helps you analyze technician and service performance. The session monitoring dashboard helps you manage your technicians’ caseloads and optimize workflows. Detailed session reports and session video recordings, along with optional customizable post-session customer surveys, help you gain visibility into your services to control quality and improve service delivery over time.

Customize your messaging to offer branded customer services from remote assistance software

Today’s MSPs are competing with a wide range of service providers. To stand out from the crowd and earn their customers’ business and trust, MSPs need more than just strong services—they need strong marketing and consistent branding. N-able Take Control comes with numerous features designed to boost your brand power.

You have customizable ways to add personal branding to your remote assistance software, helping ensure your company name is top-of-mind for customers. Everything from support request methods, to emails, to applet file names can be customized with your branding.

It also helps you retain customers by increasing your operational efficiency and improving your quality of service. For instance, automated routing of requests can reduce time spent triaging issues, and mass deployments help onboard customers faster. Post-session surveys with customizable questions provide valuable feedback you can use to improve and help ensure your customers stick around.

Use remote assistance software to meet your customer needs

  • Troubleshoot quickly and effectively with powerful tools
  • Protect your customers with secure remote IT support
  • Boost your brand power with customized services