Monitor your customers’ networks using one unified console with a remote PC monitoring tool

A robust remote PC monitoring tool should provide MSPs with deep visibility, allowing technicians to easily monitor customers’ systems from a distance—all from a single, central location.

The network monitoring tools provided by the N-able N-central® solution allow you to easily verify the status and configuration of every workstation, server, printer, and mobile device on your customers’ networks. The software collects critical performance metrics from devices—including Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems—for holistic visibility. The intuitive web interface makes managing multiple complex networks a simple and straightforward process for MSPs.

Perform proactive and background maintenance to avoid customer downtime

N-central was built to help you minimize customer downtime. Unattended remote access allows you to fix issues and install updates with remote command lines and custom scripts—all without interrupting end users’ productivity. Additionally, N-central makes it possible for your technicians to schedule maintenance windows outside normal work hours so that you don’t disrupt your customers’ workflows.

To prioritize customer uptime, MSPs need to maintain order even in chaotic IT environments—which is why N-central allows you to stay on top of everything in near real time. Proactive alerts notify you about things like device availability, backup status, and performance. Easy performance checks and bulk actions allow you to perform tasks automatically to free up technician time, helping you stay ahead of issues and protect customers’ systems.

Prioritize security with advanced features designed to help keep customers safe

Remote PC monitoring tools are an integral part of how MSPs protect their customers—many of whom are spread out across the globe—from breaches, data loss, downtime, network interruptions, financial damage, and other threats to modern organizations.

The security monitoring capabilities in N-central allow you to monitor antivirus scanning status and errors in event logs for signs of intrusion. N-central Patch Manager supports Windows 10 feature updates and the monthly Microsoft security-only updates, which helps you keep your customers’ most important devices secure and minimize the risk of software incompatibilities. Integrated endpoint detection and response also allows you to identify and automatically respond to threats—all without leaving the N-central dashboard.

Leverage automation to increase technician capacity and efficiency

Automating time-consuming processes with remote computer monitoring software like N-central not only helps keep operations running smoothly—it also helps you offer more effective services to your customers.

Automated solutions help ensure that you’re providing consistent service by standardizing checks, rules, and tasks. Furthermore, automation allows technicians to deploy configuration changes and fixes with bulk actions across different devices, sites, and applications. Best of all, N-central Automation Manager doesn’t require a complex scripting language to operate—simply select which monitoring, maintenance, and reporting tasks you’d like automated and use the drag-and-drop editor to create sophisticated workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you monitor PC activity remotely?

How do you monitor PC activity remotely?

The vast majority of MSPs use software to monitor PC performance remotely for their customers. Remote computer monitoring software allows MSP technicians to manage complex networks and jump into troubleshooting mode when a potential issue is detected. Remote PC monitoring software helps to provide visibility into which devices are connected to your customers’ networks, system utilization of critical resources, and key performance metrics.

N-central offers real-time network monitoring and infrastructure discovery tools, enabling you to take a proactive approach to RMM. With the right software, you’ll be notified as soon as something needs your attention, instead of waiting for your customers to report a problem.

What are the benefits of remote PC monitoring?

What are the benefits of remote PC monitoring?

There are many reasons that remote PC monitoring software is an essential tool for MSPs to have. One significant benefit that remote PC monitoring tools offer MSPs comes in the form of improved productivity. For example, turning over routine tasks and workflows to the N-central automated solution allows you to make better use of your technicians’ time.

Remote PC monitoring software also helps get ahead of troubleshooting and maintenance processes by ensuring that your customers’ systems, applications, and devices are up-to-date. N-central offers unmatched visibility by collecting and analyzing data from customers’ networks 24 hours a day. If it detects suspicious activity, N-central automatically notifies key players. This proactive approach helps keep vulnerabilities to a minimum and protect sensitive information from exposure.

What is the difference between remote monitoring and remote access?

What is the difference between remote monitoring and remote access?

Though they are occasionally used in tandem, remote monitoring and remote access tools are two fundamentally different processes. Remote monitoring and management, often shortened to RMM, is a method of managing networks and other IT systems. Software agents locally installed on network devices and workstations can be safely accessed by RMM software, enabling you to deploy patches and configuration changes, install software and updates, and analyze real-time performance data for specific devices over time. This allows you better protect your customers’ systems, generate detailed reports, and more.

Remote access refers to the ability to access or control one device from a second, physically distant device. Remote access tools allow admins to access employee workstations and observe the issue the user is reporting—and troubleshoot the problem directly. Remote monitoring solutions make use of remote access technologies, but the world of RMM is much larger in scope than just remote access.

Keep customers secure with remote PC monitoring tools

  • Get holistic, easily navigable views of complex networks
  • Install updates and fixes without disrupting customer workflows
  • Use proactive maintenance to keep downtime to a minimum