Help keep end users secure with web content blocking software designed for MSPs

As an MSP, protecting your customers against cyberthreats is a key part of your responsibilities. However, many of the web blocking software for business solutions on the market don’t provide comprehensive web protection.

N-able RMM includes a powerful web-based management console designed to help MSPs manage IT for their clients, including preventing malicious web usage. This web blocking software works to protect customers from stumbling onto unsafe sites or accessing malicious URLs that could leave them at risk.

On top of this, the web protection features in N-able RMM work alongside other important security layers including patch management, backup, email protection, antivirus, and even advanced endpoint detection and response.

Filter internet usage and gain better control over the systems you manage

For modern businesses, many operations rely on internet-based activity. MSPs need web blocking software for business to help protect their customers from threats like malware, phishing, botnets, and more.

With N-able RMM, you have the option of using the default web protection policies or creating your own rules based on specific customer needs. By adding URLs to the blocklist, you can easily customize the sites that will be blocked from user access.

Improve productivity while increasing system security

Web content blocking software isn’t just about filtering out threats—it can also help MSPs improve customer productivity. By blocking recreational sites, such as distracting social media, web filtering can help keep employees focused on their work.

N-able RMM allows you to easily set browsing policies and blocklist sites, helping ensure that you have control over what your end user can access on company time. For example, you can prevent customers’ employees from visiting sites like social media or online gaming while on company time or prevent them from visiting questionable sites, like those with explicit materials, using company property. Additionally, you can also set time-based policies if you want to allow customers to access sites like social media or gaming outside of core work hours. This can help customers keep their workforce focused on their core work.

Additionally, if bandwidth is a concern for a customer, web blocking software can prevent users from going on streaming media sites that contribute to network congestion and could hamper productivity even further.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is web blocking software for businesses important?

Why is web blocking software for businesses important?

Web blocking software, also called web filtering software, helps maximize the security of your customers’ systems by creating a barrier against web-based threats. If an employee is reading an online article and clicks a link that turns out to be malicious, they could open the organization to a potential data breach. Or, someone might have a malicious file on their system that makes a call to a known command and control server to get a malicious payload without the user knowing, which good URL filtering solution can prevent.

What are the benefits of using web content blocking software?

What are the benefits of using web content blocking software?

Web filtering software can help prevent malware, spyware, ransomware, and other forms of cyberthreats from successfully infiltrating your customers’ systems. This includes blocking access to work-inappropriate content and actions that use inordinate amounts of bandwidth, such as streaming media or large file downloads. This helps keep employees from being distracted by the web.

Web blocking software for businesses helps keep users safe

  • Restrict access to unwanted websites
  • Help ensure users are protected from malicious sites and malware
  • Maximize end user productivity