SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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MSP Manager IT Support Tickets Display

Automate the ticketing process with professional services automation software

Ticketing is a crucial component of an IT service business and the backbone of any cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) software.

N-able MSP Manager includes a cloud-based ticketing system built into the platform that streamlines and automates ticketing for maximum efficiency. The quick ticket feature lets you create a ticket from any screen, and your techs need only fill out the most relevant information. If a user submits a request via email, MSP Manager can automatically create a ticket with the relevant email correspondence attached for reference.

To make time tracking easier and more accurate, each ticket in MSP Manager has an optional built-in timer to log hours spent on an issue. This PSA software makes it easier for you to manage ticketing and your workforce.

MSP Manager Billing Dashboard

Streamline billing to keep track of invoices and ticketing

For many MSPs, resources can be in short supply. With technicians busy supporting customers, you can’t afford to let a single billable hour go untracked.

N-able MSP Manager helps you reduce the amount of time you spend on billing at the end of each cycle by automating the most time-consuming processes. You can generate invoices for customers with outstanding balances in bulk or filter by various criteria for billing in batches—saving you time in the process. Each invoice is based on time-tracking data collected from MSP Manager’s ticketing system and contains detailed information on billable service items and relevant tickets, so your customers always know what they’re paying for.

To help keep everything within one seamless solution, MSP Manager also integrates with popular accounting software, like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

MSP Manager - Meeting Schedule

Schedule with PSA software to make the most of technicians’ time

IT service providers need software that helps them get the most out of each technician’s day. Cloud-based professional services automation software can help IT providers and MSPs streamline their scheduling.

With N-able MSP Manager, you can add service appointments to your calendar with one click. You can also add in any relevant details like technician name, customer name, location, ticket association, and more, all from one central place.

MSP Manager can automatically generate an iCal appointment for each appointment you make, which you can export to other calendar apps, such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. The platform provides an overview for MSPs to see staff workloads at a glance by viewing all scheduled appointments. With this cloud-based PSA tool, you can simplify logistics and focus on the complex customer matters that require your attention.

MSP Manager IT Ticket Dashboard

Monitor business health more easily with clear dashboards

To continuously provide high quality service to customers while keeping many other business-critical operations running smoothly, MSPs need visibility into the health of their business. However, most don’t have the time to manually sift through large amounts of data.

N-able MSP Manager makes keeping an eye on your business operations much easier. The intuitive user dashboard displays open tickets, technician stats, and other vital information as soon as you log in. Plus, it offers clear, concise reports that give you a complete overview of your business. You can also easily break down your customers’ hourly usage and track ticket history by month, which helps you know how to better tackle customer tickets next month.

MSP Manager also shows you ticket and billing volume information over time so you can forecast revenue and appropriately distribute workloads.

Unlock cloud-based professional services automation software

  • Maximize your time and effort with professional services automation software
  • Automate and streamline ticketing
  • Don’t miss billable hours with PSA software