MSP Manager IT Support Tickets Display

Resolve issues faster with a quick and efficient ticketing system

When it comes to professional services automation (PSA) software for MSPs, choosing a solution with a robust ticketing system is critically important. A ticketing system provides a single point of contact between you and your customers, helps your staff resolve issues faster, and makes the ticketing process more efficient.

N-able MSP Manager is a PSA system that features an enterprise-grade ticketing system. Its quick ticket feature allows you to generate a ticket from any screen and only requires you to fill out the most relevant information, saving valuable time. If a customer submits a request via email, MSP Manager can automatically create a ticket and attach relevant email correspondence.

To make time tracking more accurate, each ticket also has a built-in timer so your staff can easily log how much time they spend resolving an issue.

MSP Manager IT Ticket Dashboard

Get key business insights with integrated RMM and PSA software

While PSA software can be incredibly helpful for MSPs, adding another disparate platform to the toolkit can sometimes cause a headache for your technicians. Instead of choosing standalone tools, opt for tools that can be integrated with an RMM solution. This can help you optimize operations and allow you to take your business to the next level.

N-able MSP Manager is more than just enterprise-grade help desk software with a robust ticketing system. This PSA software for small businesses also helps you keep an eye on your business health by integrating seamlessly with N-able RMM solutions. This means that as soon as an issue is identified in your RMM tool, a ticket can be created from the RMM dashboard to help ensure it is addressed quickly.

From there, tickets can be tracked all the way to resolution within N-able MSP Manager, helping reduce the amount of time spent switching between tools. Rather than juggling multiple platforms, choosing an integrated RMM and PSA software option allows you to maximize efficiency for your technicians and speed up service delivery for your customers.

MSP Manager Billing Dashboard

Streamline billing with PSA software for IT companies

Staying organized and on top of billing can be a challenge for many businesses. How can MSPs make sure they’re capturing every billable hour?

N-able MSP Manager helps reduce the time you spend sorting out billing at the end of every cycle by streamlining and automating the entire process. If multiple customers have outstanding balances, you can create invoices in bulk with one click. If you only need to bill a handful of customers, MSP Manager lets you add filtering criteria for billing in batches. Each invoice incorporates time-tracking information from your tickets, so you can trust your business gets compensated for its time.

To make billing even easier, MSP Manager integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

MSP Manager - Meeting Schedule

Use scheduling to reduce technician time and effort while maximizing output

Busy MSPs need PSA software that helps them get the most out of each day. N-able MSP Manager maximizes your team’s output by serving as your help desk, business management tool, and scheduler, all rolled into one.

You can simplify scheduling and logistics by adding service appointments to calendars with one click and adding all relevant details from one screen. Any appointments made in MSP Manager can automatically generate an iCal file, which you can then export to other calendar apps like Outlook or Google Calendar. An overview of staff appointments and workloads allows you to easily see whether your technicians are under- or overbooked for the month.

When you use PSA software for IT companies to handle repetitive tasks like scheduling, your technicians can spend time focusing on solving problems and proactive maintenance rather than getting bogged down in logistics.

Optimize operations with PSA software for MSPs

  • Handle ticketing and troubleshooting faster than ever
  • Avoid missing billable hours with streamlined billing
  • Keep an eye on key business indicators