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Improve business operations with a unified IT help desk software with asset management solution

When it comes to service desk software, MSPs need a solution that enables efficient and proactive service delivery. To provide the best value for your customers and streamline business operations, MSPs need an IT support desk service that allows your help desk capabilities to live alongside your services.

N-able MSP Manager integrates with N-able RMM and N-able N-central® to provide one powerful, consolidated dashboard. By combining service desk software functionality with remote monitoring, this unified solution addresses your help desk ticketing, billing, and scheduling in a single convenient web interface. With access to your help desk alongside critical visibility into your customers’ systems, you can seamlessly manage your workflows, assign tickets efficiently, and allocate resources appropriately.

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Leverage the efficiency of a cloud-based IT ticketing system

When it comes to providing services and resolving technical issues, efficiency is the key to keeping customers happy. The intuitive user experience and time-saving features of N-able MSP Manager are designed to help you remotely manage your customers’ systems with ease.

To save you time and help prevent customer requests from slipping through the cracks, MSP Manager automatically converts service desk emails into standardized tickets. From there, they’re intelligently assigned to the proper workflow, and push notifications keep your team updated regarding changes in ticket status.

Efficiency is key, even down to the granular details. Quick logins for technicians on the mobile app help you get to business faster without compromising security, and time logging and contract utilization help you automatically report the time spent working with in each account. By improving your service efficiency with a cloud-based IT ticketing system, you can increase customer satisfaction and profit.

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Enable seamless workflows with a combined RMM and PSA tool

Another element of effective service delivery is being able to understand how your technicians work and optimize their schedules. Even if your technicians are incredible at what they do, they won’t be able to maximize their output if workflows aren’t organized and effectively prioritized.

N-able MSP Manager offers a ticket routing function that helps you keep your workloads appropriately balanced and your distinct workflows moving smoothly. By sorting incoming service requests based on severity, MSP Manager can help your team ensure that critical issues are resolved quickly—and that no tickets are overlooked.

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Utilize the native mobile app for powerful and intuitive on-the-go service desk solutions

Modern MSPs need to be able to take their help desk on the road at a moment’s notice. The MSP Manager mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and gives your technicians access to your customers’ ticket, network, and device information from anywhere with an internet connection.

To extend accessibility, the app includes many of the core functions of the web tool, plus mobile-friendly features designed for on-the-go use. The quick ticket feature makes it possible to create a new ticket in a matter of a few taps, and built-in timers make it easy to track time even across multiple tickets. Leverage fingerprint authentication to control access detailed customer information, and capture issues by adding photos to your tickets—all from the palm of your hand.

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Streamline billing and invoicing processes to make sure you get paid on time

To keep the lights on for your MSP, it’s important to make the billing and invoice processes as seamless as possible—it shouldn’t take days or weeks to complete your billing cycle.

N-able MSP Manager makes end-of-month billing fast and simple by automating wherever possible. For instance, this IT support desk service allows you to easily apply the same service level plan to multiple accounts to charge for one-off services and projects with batch billing. And accurate time tracking means billable time is recorded in invoices generated by MSP Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT service management?

What is IT service management?

IT service management (ITSM) refers to the methods and practices that MSPs and other IT teams use to facilitate and support the delivery of services to customers. ITSM is a wide-reaching field and includes managing everything from workplace infrastructure and hardware to service desk software and business-critical web applications.

ITSM is founded on the principle that IT should be provided as a service to customers. Typically, end users have easy access to a portal that allows them to submit requests to their service providers. This ticketing model enables MSPs to track and document service requests, keep distinct workflows organized, and help ensure that issues are resolved in a timely manner.

What features do service desk solutions provide?

What features do service desk solutions provide?

IT help desk software with asset management tools, like MSP Manager, often include a number of key features and capabilities to help improve the efficiency of your operations.

For example, MSP Manager’s self-service portal enables end users to easily open tickets and support requests without the need to bombard your team with phone calls and messages. Additionally, the included email-to-ticket conversion system will automatically sort incoming emails from your customers into appropriate ticket pipelines. This keeps copying and pasting to a minimum for your team members while helping to ensure that your customers’ most critical issues are addressed quickly.

Why are service desk software solutions important?

Why are service desk software solutions important?

Strong ITSM practices backed up by service desk software are a foundational part of providing your customers with organized and efficient solutions. ITSM tools help establish and maintain consistent processes, which in turn empowers MSPs to meet their service level agreements.

Furthermore, ITSM software solutions like MSP Manager automate key parts of the service desk process—thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry and freeing up your team members to address higher-priority, value-adding tasks. Incorporating automation into service desk workflows can result in significant benefits for MSPs (and by extension, their customers), including faster resolution times, reduced operating expenses, and greater efficiency.

What’s the difference between service desks and ITSM?

What’s the difference between service desks and ITSM?

While end users tend to think of ITSM and service desk workflows as being one and the same, the two are different in some significant ways.

ITSM refers to holistic management of all processes related to workplace technology, including asset, change, incident, knowledge, problem management, and others.

IT support desk services are, on the other hand, generally limited to the physical or virtual location where end users access support from MSPs. Many of the management processes listed above fall outside the typical domain of basic service desk workflows, as service request management is one part of the broader scope of ITSM.

N-able MSP Manager

Leverage the benefits of robust, flexible service desk solutions

  • Simplify your scheduling, ticketing, and billing from one interface
  • Automate routine parts of the service desk workflow for more efficient support
  • Take your tools on the go with the MSP Manager convenient mobile app