SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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Mail Assure email indexing options

Help protect against email loss with email archiving for Microsoft 365

Regardless of how it happens, emails are inevitably going to get lost. The best way you can help protect your customers’ important messages and information against accidental or malicious deletion is by providing them with a reliable way to archive emails in Outlook. Microsoft 365 and Gmail both only provide limited retention periods for email archiving, and supplementing either platform with an email archiving solution that supports email journaling can help ensure your customers’ data remains safe and accessible.

N-able Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution designed to anticipate the needs of companies of all sizes, and can even be extended to enterprise vault email archiving. Help keep your customers and their data protected with robust layers of security paired with valuable productivity solutions.

Optimize customer productivity with Exchange email continuity solutions

Mail Assure provides additional layers of security beyond the Microsoft 365 built-in capabilities. If Microsoft 365 experiences an outage, Mail Assure allows end users to still access their email through a web interface, providing round-the-clock email continuity. Users can continue to write, send, and receive email.

Mail Assure protects against ransomware, spam, viruses, and many more email-based attacks—with near 100 percent filtering accuracy. Even if an attack manages to land, the tool’s email security functions work to stop the hack before it can spread.

Mail Assure backs this up with unlimited retention periods for email archiving, which allows users to quickly retrieve messages they may have accidentally deleted. Ultimately, email archiving for Microsoft 365 helps avoid data loss and demonstrate compliance with data security standards, freeing you to devote your time to more business-critical issues.

Integrate seamlessly to extend security and email archiving for Microsoft 365

Mail Assure’s cloud-based security solutions easily integrate with Microsoft 365 via an add-in to provide end users with always-on continuity and collective threat detection powered by machine learning. Email archiving for Microsoft 365 rounds out the set by creating a reliable and intuitive way to access unlimited historical data.

Mail Assure puts end users in control of their email flow, with the options to configure the email filtering sensitivity and train messages as spam or not spam. Users can also access Mail Assure’s web interface with single-sign-on function straight from Microsoft 365. Customers expect that managed services providers (MSPs) will keep their email and data protected at all times, and every additional security layer you can provide helps to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks and hacks—all while demonstrating your value as a service provider.

Maximize end user security with email archiving for Microsoft 365

  • Encrypt and archive end user emails with unlimited retention periods to help avoid data loss
  • Provide flexible, cloud-based Exchange email continuity without the need for time-wasting additional sign-ons
  • Keep customers safe from known and emerging threats with the power of collective threat intelligence and machine learning