Unlock robust email journaling by storing internal messages safely

In large enterprises, it’s inevitable that some emails will get lost. To provide the best service possible, managed services providers (MSPs) should account for this inevitability with an email journaling solution. An email journaling solution also facilitates comprehensive record retention and promotes compliance, two important legal requirements for many businesses.

N-able Mail Assure’s email archiving automatically copies and stores messages to and from email addresses outside of your client’s domain on the Mail Assure server. When email journaling is enabled on your message transfer agent, Mail Assure will store messages sent within the enterprise as well. At the same time, MSPs don’t have to worry about running out of space for stored emails. This cloud-based email archiving solution uses compressed storage to keep data usage and storage costs to a minimum.

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Guard against email threats and data loss with an email protection service

Mail Assure helps MSPs eliminate common email threats. This tool integrates comprehensive threat protection capabilities and support for email journaling. If journaling is enabled, Mail Assure will filter the contents of messages and store a copy of legitimate mail in the archive.

As Mail Assure’s email archiving collects and stores your mail, it uses machine learning to check every piece for phishing, spam, malware, ransomware, and other threats against an ever-growing threat intelligence database. Mail Assure boasts a near 100% filtering accuracy rate and is designed to avoid false positives. With this tool, MSPs know they’re getting threat protection they can trust.

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Reduce data loss for Microsoft 365 users with email archiving for Outlook and MS Office

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) is a popular tool for businesses of all sizes. But not all employees or companies have appropriate security measures in place to protect data. Because of this, it’s common for businesses to experience cybersecurity threats related to Microsoft 365.

If your clients use platforms like MS Office, Mail Assure can help you protect their day-to-day operations by adding another layer of security to these platforms. Mail Assure seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 via a Microsoft 365 add-in. The add-in is designed to offer users more transparency in their inbox and better control. For instance, users can access their Mail Assure dashboard via the Outlook or Microsoft 365 single-sign-on and mark messages “spam” or “not spam” right from the message window. Additionally, support for journaling allows users to easily pull stored emails from existing Microsoft environments and helps ensure that no data is lost.

Beyond Microsoft 365, Mail Assure also integrates with G Suite and other popular email services.

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Access emails lost during day-to-day operations with an email continuity service

When an overextended network must drop certain functions to keep up with usage, email services are usually the first to go. Without an email journaling tool or email business continuity service, both MSPs and their clients can lose important emails permanently.

Mail Assure offers 24/7 email continuity to ensure that no emails fall through the cracks—and if they do, they can always be retrieved. If email service unexpectedly goes offline, Mail Assure will continue email journaling, archiving, and attempting to deliver mail for 14 days. During email server outages or downtime, you can continue using your email service via web-based access to read and send email, including accessing archived emails.

Mail Assure also comes equipped with web-based network management tools to help MSPs troubleshoot issues and get service back online as soon as possible.

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Better protect clients with cloud-based email archiving

Not all email journaling and archiving solutions are created equal. For example, some email journaling software copies emails and stores them for an indeterminate amount of time. This can cause logjams, which can then grow into network issues that negatively impact the performance of your email service.

N-able Mail Assure is an enterprise-grade tool that helps MSPs avoid data storage pain points and better protect their clients from data loss. Compressed storage and custom retention periods with email archiving prevent logjams. Support for email journaling helps users easily pull messages from existing Microsoft environments. An advanced log search allows MSPs to easily search through journaled emails and increase their visibility. TLS and AES encryption helps keep emails secure as they are stored and transmitted.

With Mail Assure, MSPs get unmatched email protection and archiving that’s both powerful and affordable.

Take email journaling, filtering, and management to the next level

  • Automatically store all incoming and outgoing communications
  • Protect your clients from email threats with intelligent email filtering
  • Add another layer of security to email services