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Provide customers with comprehensive cloud-based spam filtering solutions

Spam detection is a constant worry for managed services providers (MSPs) and IT professionals. The simple user error of opening a malicious attachment can cause devastating effects, from compromising sensitive data to bringing down an entire network and its servers.

N-able Mail Assure allows MSPs to provide their clients with layered security spam filtering approach that is simple and comprehensive. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on, making it more important than ever for MSPs to provide reliable and effective security solutions to their customers. Mail Assure not only blocks spam emails, it also offers malware, virus, and spear phishing prevention, which helps ensure your customers’ safety and productivity.

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Block new types of malware with collective threat intelligence

Email threats are always changing. That’s why Mail Assure uses machine learning and threat detection insights garnered from millions of email domains to regularly update our threat databases. Mail Assure blocks more than 2 billion spam emails each month. Advanced filtering rules allows your customers to filter and block spam emails based on geographic location, attachment file types, headers, message formatting, and other identifiable characteristics to suit the needs for their business.

Mail Assure uses spam fingerprinting to detect similar incoming messages, which increases the effectiveness of malware and spear phishing prevention. Mail Assure also provides cloud-based message scanning and spam filtering, helping prevent spam from reaching network infrastructure. Give your customers the safety and efficiency of zero-hour pattern detection to help prevent compromising business email attacks.

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Maximize customer productivity with convenient web-based continuity services

In addition to providing top-of-the-line email security, Mail Assure offers a dependable cloud-based secure email gateway that guarantees consistent and uninterrupted email service for end users by easily integrating with platforms like G Suite, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange. Spam filtering becomes a breeze with multiple layers of security in place, to help prevent business email compromise (BEC) attacks and ransomware, which are two of the biggest threats to small businesses.

Mail Assure automates many spam filtering and email security processes, helping reduce the time and financial costs associated with ensuring proper protection. Spam filtering also helps to prevent resource inefficiency, as large amounts of spam will take up valuable server space and occupy memory storage, which in turn can slow down a network and reduce computing speeds.

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Help keep customers protected with cost-effective security and spam filtering

Utilizing multiple data centers around the globe, Mail Assure encrypts and archives email according to both regional and industry data retention regulations. These data centers maintain around-the-clock physical security, helping to ensure that sensitive email data remains protected from external threats.

Both archived emails and messages in transit are encrypted using AES and TLS encryption to help ensure data is safe and help prevent unauthorized third-party access.

The cloud-based email software infrastructure also saves MSPs and businesses time and money in initial system setup costs. On-site email servers are costly to install, configure, and manage. Mail Assure’s cloud spam filtering and email archiving solutions allow MSPs to bolster their service offerings with convenient, cost-efficient solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can companies block spam emails?

How can companies block spam emails?

Using a professional spam filtering security solution is the ideal method for blocking spam emails. Spam can be simply annoying, or it can be actively threatening for business security.

Mail Assure’s filters are extremely accurate and report close to zero false positives. End users can easily deny, allow, or block email messages, and even if vital messages are mistakenly caught in the filter, they can be quickly retrieved via a web-based portal and released from quarantine to prevent blocking it in future. Help avoid the risk of serious harm by using Mail Assure to handle your spam filtering and email security needs.

What is cloud-based email spam filtering?

What is cloud-based email spam filtering?

Cloud-based spam filtering is typically a software as a service (SaaS) solution, designed and managed by security experts, that MSPs and their customers can rely on to deliver effective security results. N-able Mail Assure provides numerous safety features while also providing cloud-based message scanning and spam filtering. By automatically analyzing messages in the cloud, spam is blocked from ever reaching network infrastructure and causing potentially devastating damage.

Cloud-based spam filtering solutions are often the most cost-effective choice, as they require less maintenance, hardware, and intensive installations than their on-premises counterparts. This also allows them to be more easily scaled to meet the individual needs of your customers.

Why are spam filtering solutions important?

Why are spam filtering solutions important?

Email is the most common attack vector for cyberthreats, and MSPs need to offer the best protection for their clients’ data assets. This means spam filtering solutions that not only provide spam and virus protection, but also extend to blocking advanced threats such as phishing and spear phishing. Additionally, professional email filtering solutions archive data so that it can be easily accessed if needed.

Not only does Mail Assure give you the ability to reinforce company policies, but clients can customize many of the automated features within the tool to meet their specific spam filtering needs. Having a tool that gives a company the data security they need, the cloud-based spam filtering and email archiving their business requires, and the ability to monitor these services all from one single dashboard is crucial to help prevent cyberthreats from landing.

Help prevent cyberthreats with cloud-based spam filtering solutions

  • Adjust spam filtering sensitivity to align with individual needs
  • Help stop threats by using our continuously updated threat databases
  • Help ensure productivity with continuity solutions