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Get powerful threat protection against email-based cyberattacks

The truth about employee security awareness training is that it only gets you so far. Because email is one of the most common cyberattack vectors, it’s important for managed services providers (MSPs) to provide their customers with top-of-the-line email filtering software.

N-able Mail Assure provides powerful threat detection for inbound and outbound email, with flexible settings that keep your customers in control of their own preferences. Designed by security experts for security specialists and technology generalists, Mail Assure leverages a proprietary Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine that uses data from more than 23 million mailboxes to identify known and emerging threats with extreme accuracy—providing sophisticated, cloud-based email protection that allows you and your customers to rest a little easier.

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Provide your customers security for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has become increasingly popular as an email platform, and while it includes baked-in security options, they are not comprehensive. It’s the job of MSPs to ensure they are protecting their customers with email filtering solutions that provide comprehensive security coverage.

Mail Assure seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 via a Microsoft 365 add-in, allowing you to extend your security protection with 24/7 email continuity through a web-console and helping ensure any unexpected email server issues won’t impede overall performance. Mail Assure also provides safe and encrypted email archiving capabilities with an unlimited retention period, thereby helping you prevent customer data loss. The costs from cyberattacks can extend from the immediate impact into future lawsuits and audits—making encrypted email archiving extremely valuable as such attacks become more common.

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Increase end user safety and security with email filtering software

Email is a key method businesses use to communicate—meaning they rely on MSPs to help ensure their communications are kept protected from cyberattacks or outside influence. Mail Assure leverages the power of machine learning and collective threat intelligence to help keep your customers protected from a variety of threats, including ransomware, spoofing, viruses, spear phishing, and many more. Mail Assure blocks more than 2 billion spam messages each month with close to 100% filtering accuracy. It also provides flexible options that allow your customers to adjust the sensitivity of their filtering systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email filtering software?

What is email filtering software?

Email filtering software solutions are security tools that inspect inbound and outbound email traffic. These tools work by intercepting emails before they reach the end user’s mailbox, or leave the end user’s server, and scan them for security risks—such as spam, malware, and potentially suspicious links or attachments. This helps prevent messages that have been identified to have potential security risks from reaching their intended destinations. Whether the potential security hazard was passed along intentionally or by accident, email gateway software helps ensure each end user’s outgoing messages follow organizational policy. It also helps prevent spam, sensitive information, or malicious content from continuing to spread.

What is a hosted email filtering service?

What is a hosted email filtering service?

Hosted email filtering services are cloud-based email tools provided by established security companies. Hosted email filtering services are a software as a service (SaaS) model solution that allows for easier scaling with very few of the maintenance costs associated with traditional on-premises options. Because they are cloud based, they also tend to cost less than their on-premises counterparts. Hosted cloud email filtering services are also compatible with nearly all email services.

Most hosted email filtering service providers house their services in data centers that support their digital security measures with additional physical safeguards. They are a safe and reliable option that leverages the flexibility of cloud-based services designed to provide effective enterprise-class solutions that meet the needs and budgets of every MSP business.

How do I select an email filtering software tool?

How do I select an email filtering software tool?

When choosing an email filtering software solution, there are several key things to look for:

  • Accurate, customizable anti-spam filters Sometimes legitimate emails get flagged as spam by overly aggressive filtering software, so it’s important to look for a solution that uses near real-time pattern recognition, collective intelligence, and machine learning to detect threats and reduce false positives.
  • Customer support
    Choose solutions backed up by dedicated support teams. These demonstrate the software publisher trusts the product to help customers succeed.
  • Business continuity
    When email stops, business stops. Vendors should provide a cloud-based web console users can log into to continue working during an outage. The console should be backed by redundant servers in multiple locations to both maximize uptime and meet geographic storage requirements.

Why is email filtering software important?

Why is email filtering software important?

Because emails are one of the most common attack vectors for hackers, having a strong email filtering software solution in place is essential.

Not all malware is created equal. Some can be more of an annoyance than a serious threat. But some extremely destructive varieties can steal or edit sensitive data, wipe entire hard drives, or take control of the operations of the host server—which would allow the hacker to monitor all email traffic and thereby expose the entire company to potential threat. Some hackers are also good impersonators and attempt to pass themselves off as trustworthy or reputable figures to extract information from a company employee. Because of the range of potential threats, comprehensive and dedicated email filtering software is a necessity for every MSP who hopes to protect customers from attack.

How does email filtering software benefit MSPs?

How does email filtering software benefit MSPs?

Compatible, feature-rich email filtering software gives MSPs the solution they need to provide email security across all their customers. With a unified tool for all your customers, you can keep costs low, increase profit margins, and even grow your business.

Many of your customers will want to stick with their current email solution, so it’s crucial for MSPs to choose flexible email security solutions that are compatible with as many email services as possible. While this helps MSPs attract new customers, it also helps ensure your current customers don’t go anywhere.

If your customers change services, then providing them with the right email security platform can allow them to transition seamlessly without a gap in security coverage or performance. This is an especially important consideration if your customers are likely to be targeted for cyberattack.

Protect end users with email filtering software solutions

  • Help prevent identified threats from entering or exiting the network
  • Leverage the advantages of a cloud-based email filtering service that works for you
  • Rest easy with real-time threat protection powered by machine learning