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Use outbound enterprise email encryption to enhance secure email gateways

Your customers’ emails need to stay secure during transmission.  Traditional encryption software might help protect emails at rest, but it may not provide protection while your mail is in transit.

N-able Mail Assure is built to offer security for your email messages—in transit and at rest. This platform is designed with SSL/TLS traffic encryption to help ensure a safe and worry-free email delivery process.

Thanks to Mail Assure’s delivery-to-destination TLS handling capabilities, your business can rest assured your email communications are safeguarded against third-party cyberattacks.

Apart from securing outbound email delivery, Mail Assure’s smart host deployment and abuse management for outbound email filtering also helps block spam and viruses from leaving your networks. Support for DKIM signatures is designed to prevent email spoofing and message content from being inauthentically modified.

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Encrypt incoming emails for your email archiving service to enhance long-term security

Protecting incoming connections is a critical part of email security management. Inbound email encryption helps secure incoming email traffic, including emails that contain sensitive information, such as credit card information. When using inbound encryption, emails, including those with sensitive information are encrypted before they are stored in your and your customers’ mail servers.

With Mail Assure, email is designed to be securely processed using TLS encryption by default if sending and receiving mail servers support TLS. The email platform enables you to further enforce TLS connections for all sending and receiving mail servers, or for selected senders and recipients. It’s designed to give customers the flexibility to fully manage their email encryption requirements.

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Encrypt email archives to enhance the security of your stored emails

Email archiving is an important part of your comprehensive enterprise email plan. Without a historical archive of your mail data, your company might be unable to retrieve important security-related intel from out-of-commission users, or old messages from several years ago that may need to be retained for compliance.

Keeping a protected email archive can also be crucial to passing your industry security audit, which may request email data from a number of years back. A strong business email plan will require you to preserve email archives in accordance with applicable law, which is often well past the retention periods offered by Gmail or Microsoft 365.

Mail Assure’s encrypted archiving is designed to allow you to customize your retention period for email records on a scalable cloud archive, so your old data doesn’t become a storage burden. N-able uses AES encryption standards for data at rest to help protect your email archives from potential attackers.

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Use SSL/TLS certificates to facilitate encrypted connections on your mail server

As dependency on the internet grows, so do security risks. You and your customers are at risk when connected to the internet and exchanging information through client and server systems. Systems that encrypt data flow are critical. SSL/TLS certificates can encrypt data and help prevent hackers from unauthorized access. SSL/TLS certificates are also important for your mail servers to help ensure email is being securely transmitted.

Using SSL/TLS certificates adds an additional encryption layer to avoid email delivery exploits and allow authentication when logging in to mail servers. Even when email itself is encrypted, there is still a chance that cybercriminals will see the route of an email, including its size, recipients, and mail server login credentials. Installing SSL/TLS certificates on your mail servers helps ensure that both email messages and the channels they are sent through remain secure.

Mail Assure’s email security solution is designed to support SSL/TLS certificates. Customers also have the option to select automatic renewal for expired certificates, in which case Mail Assure will automatically generate a TLS certificate and renew it when required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I encrypt enterprise emails? How does email encryption work?

How do I encrypt enterprise emails? How does email encryption work?

Encrypting business emails is a central component of email server security. Without email encryption, your most sensitive enterprise communications can be accessed in transit by third-party attackers or accessed at rest in your central email server. Encrypting your email communications can save time, money, and hassle.

Email encryption is designed to secure messages in transit, whereas secure archiving aims to encrypt and protect data at rest in your server.

Traffic encryption with Mail Assure abides by SSL/TLS traffic encryption standards to help protect your in-transit data. This means your data will be transmitted using a private and reliable web connection to help protect email from being accessed or decrypted by third parties. This helps provide your business with a maximum-security email gateway.

How does archiving encryption work?

How does archiving encryption work?

Archiving encryption aims to protect your data at rest.

Your archive data will be encrypted using robust AES encryption. The basic principle of AES encryption is a symmetric-key algorithm, which uses a master key to encrypt and decrypt your archive data. With Mail Assure, email communication is encrypted using TLS encryption while messages are in transit, and AES encryption to help keep data at rest in the archive secure. Additionally, you can quickly search and retrieve, as well as export, your archived mail. You can also customize how long you wish to store archived mail before permanently deleting it.

How does traffic encryption work?

How does traffic encryption work?

Traffic encryption with Mail Assure uses SSL/TLS standards to help ensure efficient communication between the sender and receiver of your mail. SSL/TLS protocol is a common security strategy for web-based communications.

SSL/TLS standards require multiple layers of security in data transmission. Asymmetric cryptography in your SSL/TLS transmission means that your decryption key changes for each instance of web communication. This virtually eliminates the possibility of your decryption key being compromised. SSL/TLS standards also help ensure reliable communication between servers, meaning each communication must pass an authentication check to ensure data has not been lost or altered while in transit.

Maximize security for your business with enterprise email encryption

  • Help secure email delivery and transmission by implementing traffic encryption
  • Leverage email archiving to help secure your historical records
  • Customize archive settings from a user-friendly interface