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Help secure client networks with email monitoring

Email has become a prime target for hackers looking to breach networks and steal sensitive company information. Malware, phishing, ransomware, spam, viruses, and other virulent cyberthreats focus on the email entering and leaving client sites to seize control of the network and steal data. In fact, attacks against small businesses are becoming more frequent, often because smaller companies may lack internal IT staff and thus leave email security concerns to their email vendor.

With effective email monitoring offered by N-able Mail Assure, MSPs are better able to help secure their customers’ networks against these attacks. If your clients do not monitor email or do not have an email policy in place, it’s time to approach them about this serious lapse in security.

Mail Assure email metrics and bandwidth

Get layered security protection with email server monitoring tools

When thinking about email monitoring, the best email security solutions offer multiple layers of protection. N-able Mail Assure is a comprehensive, always-on, remote email monitoring and management software platform for MSPs that helps secure client networks in a multitude of ways without requiring on-site hardware or software. As a hosted service, this solution helps eliminate the need for MSPs to install, configure, and manage in-house systems or plug-in software.

The layered security protection offered by Mail Assure automatically scans inbound and outbound email —including attachments and embedded URLs—for malware, sensitive information, inappropriate content, or content that does not meet a company’s established policies. After scanning, it automatically determines whether the email and attachment(s) should be delivered as legitimate email or blocked and quarantined.

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Keep business running with an email continuity service

Any interruption to a business’s email infrastructure can have serious consequences. In today’s IT landscape, a loss of email functionality—even if only temporary—can have significant consequences for a business. N-able MSP understands the importance of maintaining email for SMBs. That’s why N-able Mail Assure provides an email continuity feature that allows users to send and receive email, even when their company’s primary email infrastructure fails. The continuity functionality also includes options to add attachments and cc or bcc recipients.

Mail Assure control panel server settings

Adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape with email threat intelligence software

New cyberthreats are constantly developing—especially those that target emails. That’s why MSPs need email threat intelligence software that engages in constant email monitoring to help ensure none of these new threats slip through the cracks.

Mail Assure’s email monitoring tools include real-time pattern-based threat recognition to detect new email-borne threats faster than traditional solutions. That means your customers are better equipped to:

  • Prevent hackers from intruding onto the company network
  • Protect business and trade secrets, personal identification, and other confidential data from leaking
  • Preserve the company’s professional reputation and image
  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency
  • Avoid company exposure to regulatory noncompliance penalties and possible legal action

Protect email data through email monitoring that comes with an encrypted archive

In addition to its email monitoring functionalities, N-able Mail Assure comes with an encrypted, long-term email archive that is built for message retention of inbound, outbound, and internal emails. The archive offers unlimited retention of client emails and attachments in a central, safe environment.

These archived volumes can be searched and retrieved quickly and easily. Your clients will gain peace of mind knowing their vital data is archived in a safe and manageable location, and available when desired—especially if faced with legal challenges such as litigation discovery and regulatory compliance.

Email monitoring software for stronger cybersecurity

  • Choose a comprehensive, always-on, remote email monitoring and management software platform
  • Detect new email-borne threats with real-time pattern-based threat recognition
  • Leverage robust antivirus engines designed to check incoming, outgoing, and internal email and quarantine any threats