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Help prevent cyberattacks with powerful email security solutions

Email is one of the most commonly used methods of communication in the modern workplace. This makes it a prime target for cyberattackers looking to gain access to a network or sensitive company data. Even the most prepared end user is fallible—so it’s essential for managed services providers (MSPs) to provide their customers with email cybersecurity as a line of defense against hacks.

N-able Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution that filters inbound and outbound email with configurable settings. Mail Assure provides email protection and continuity services, helping ensure that end users’ emails are not only protected but can also be accessed any time, from almost anywhere. From small businesses to enterprises, email encryption and protection solutions help ensure reliable security and optimal customer productivity.

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Help prevent the latest threats with Mail Assure’s collective threat intelligence

Cyberattacks are continuously growing more complex and sophisticated, and the costs associated with recovering from those attacks can be astronomical. Sometimes, the best offense is a solid defense—and that’s certainly the case with email cybersecurity.

Using our proprietary Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine, Mail Assure helps to keep your customers protected from known as well as emerging threats by drawing on valuable insights gathered from a user base of more than 23 million mailboxes. Collective threat intelligence keeps our threat databases updated regularly to stay on top of the newest outbreaks and stop them before they’re able to get a foothold in your networked environment. You—and your customers—can enjoy peace of mind knowing their emails are protected by a highly accurate cloud-based email security filter that delivers close to zero false positives.

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Leverage total visibility and control to deliver accurate and efficient email cybersecurity

Mail Assure’s inbound and outbound email filters protect against all the usual suspects, including ransomware, spam, spear phishing, spoofing, viruses, and other common attack vectors. Mail Assure features a multitenant web interface that gives your customers the tools to configure permissions for individual end users, as well as the sensitivity of the filters. Total visibility across all quarantined messages within a domain allows your technicians to quickly and easily isolate threats and block, release, remove, or allow messages as needed.

Mail Assure’s web interface comes with several different language options, allowing multilingual teams to continue to connect securely with greater ease. Help keep your customers protected with the cloud-based secure business email solution that blocks more than 2 billion spam messages every month.

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Extend protection across platforms, including Microsoft 365

It’s true that many email platforms and services include some security safeguards. However, we specialize in providing email cybersecurity tools and helping keep you and your customers protected from infiltration.

Mail Assure easily integrates with other email solutions, regardless whether they’re on-premises or cloud-based. Whether your customers use G-Suite or Microsoft Exchange, Mail Assure is designed to safeguard their operations with an extra level of email protection and continuity. Mail Assure includes an add-in for Microsoft 365  that gives users increased control over their email filtering and flow, with single sign-on (SSO) functionality enabling users to easily log into their Mail Assure dashboard directly from Microsoft 365.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can companies help ensure emails are protected?

How can companies help ensure emails are protected?

The best way for MSPs to help ensure their customers’ emails are protected is to implement a professional business email security solution like Mail Assure. These services provide real-time protection by filtering email messages attempting to enter or exit the network and helps stop any that are flagged as malicious or compromised.

Whether the security risk is external or internal, enterprise-grade email encryption and other email security measures build an extra tier of security around your customers by helping ensure that messages leaving the network adhere to organization policy and security best practices while simultaneously putting a stop to the spread of malware, compromised information, or other malicious content.

What is hosted email security?

What is hosted email security?

Hosted secure business email solutions are cloud-based filtering tools that help to maximize the effectiveness of email cybersecurity efforts. Hosted email security solutions are software as a service (SaaS) solutions that provide security teams with a number of key advantages. Because they’re cloud-based, hosted email security tools don’t require many of the maintenance costs associated with on-premises security solutions, and they can also be scaled up or down to meet the needs of each of your clients, regardless of size. Cloud-based solutions often offer more flexibility and configuration, and many hosted email security solutions are housed offsite in multiple, data centers for reliable and continuous protection.

Why are email security solutions important?

Why are email security solutions important?

The prevalence of email as the primary mode of communication for so many companies means that it must be prioritized when it comes to implementing security measures. The sophistication of modern cyberattacks and hacking attempts can be convincing, even to end users who have received proper security training, which makes it essential to have extra layers of safeguards in place.

It’s hard to know the motivations behind cyberattacks. Some forms of malware can be annoying without posing much of a real threat, but some attacks can be intentional and calculated—designed to steal, modify, or even erase valuable data, or seize the operations of a server or workstation. The best approach is to prevent attacks from reaching your customers’ systems.

Prevent malware and cyberattacks with powerful and secure business email solutions

  • Use our continuously updated threat databases to help stop identified and emerging threats from entering or exiting the network
  • Take advantage of the flexibility of cloud-based email security to provide the right coverage for each of your customers
  • Let our collective threat intelligence and machine learning do the heavy lifting while you attend to more critical security issues