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Email security software with advanced threat protection

One email can bring down an entire network.

Because businesses rely on email for their day-to-day operations, this leaves them highly vulnerable to cybercriminals. Even the best security training won’t help if they don’t pay attention or if they receive a convincing phishing email.

MSPs require automated email security solutions in order to protect their users. N-able Mail Assure features pattern recognition algorithms that work to identify the latest phishing and malware techniques with very little human input. This threat recognition capability allows for increased security without increased cost, enabling your business to spend more time on billable tasks.

Mail Assure email archiving solutions

Microsoft 365 email security solutions for business

N-able Mail Assure is an affordable way to bolster the native security and reliability of Microsoft 365. If Microsoft 365 email service has an outage or is down for maintenance, Mail Assure lets users continue sending, reading, and receiving email from our web-based dashboard—with built-in, 24/7 email continuity. If an attack lands, Mail Assure’s email security for Microsoft 365 can help stop cybercriminals and protects email against spam, viruses, ransomware, malware, phishing, and other email-borne threats from infiltrating networks—with near 100% filtering accuracy and close to zero false positives.

Seamless integration via the Mail Assure Microsoft 365 add-in, available at Microsoft AppSource, is designed to give Microsoft 365 users greater control and transparency over their email flow while enjoying the benefits of Mail Assure’s email security solutions.


Email threat prevention

Users have complete transparency into all messages in their spam quarantine. From the quarantine report, they can view, release, remove, block, deny, or allow any messages.

These actions feed into our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine—they combine with real-time, pattern-based threat-recognition to help protect your users against emerging email-borne threats, with 2B+ spam messages blocked per month. Automated abuse report generation and processing—to indicate which users or accounts are sending out spam from networks—helps prevent IP blocklisting and protect your customer’s reputation. Robust encrypted email archiving with an unlimited retention period helps ensure a safe and searchable history of email communication, and it helps prevent the loss of messages or access to important email communication.

Additionally, Mail Assure seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 via an add-in to offer your Microsoft 365 customers greater control and transparency over their email flow—while enjoying the benefits of added protection.


Email security is part of a layered security strategy

Many cyberattacks use multiple threat types and attack vectors to establish a foothold, such as malicious URLs, email phishing, or fake logon screens to capture credentials. Email tends to be the first entry point for many of these threat vectors, so it is important that you maintain an intelligent filtering system in front of your users’ inboxes. N-able Mail Assure offers nearly 100% accuracy in its filtering system, and it also allows users to easily train the system with the click of a button.

Mail Assure is an effective solution for protecting your customers, and it can be combined with other tools to create a comprehensive security strategy. Consider how you may extend protection across your IT system with more information on layered security.

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Email security should not be a burden on your business

Email security is an important part of your business’s security posture, but it should not be a pain to get started. N-able Mail Assure is easy to set up—just add domains and update a few MX records to get started. The updated UI makes it easy to edit filtering sensitivity, change unblocked and blocked list options, and grant user-specific privileges. Single Sign On (SSO) for Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory also allows for easy access to the Mail Assure dashboard.

The easy onboarding process with Mail Assure makes it a breeze for MSPs to minimize security issues and spend more time working on billable tasks. Automating security issues is also an important part of scaling your business as you make the move from break-fix to managed services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I secure my email?

How can I secure my email?

You can add security to your email with a secure email gateway like N-able Mail Assure.

What is a secure email gateway?

What is a secure email gateway?

A secure email gateway is a security tool that filters email before it arrives at a user’s inbox.

How can I check my email security?

How can I check my email security?

A strong email security solution will allow you to view reports of malicious emails that were blocked.

What are DMARC, DKIM, and SPF?

What are DMARC, DKIM, and SPF?

These are security protocols that help to ensure the sender of an email is authentic.

How can I view blocked emails?

How can I view blocked emails?

N-able Mail Assure features a quarantine manager that allows users to view blocked emails.

What is custom branding email security?

What is custom branding email security?

Custom branding email security products allow an MSP to show their own logo on the email security dashboard.

Who needs an email security gateway?

Who needs an email security gateway?

Enhanced email security is needed by both internal IT departments and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to protect their end users.

Key features

  • Protection via collective intelligence with our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine that incorporates data from our user base to help prevent both known and emerging threats
  • Easy setup that lets you simply add domains and change MX records
  • A multitenant web interface with views built for both admins and end users
  • Quarantine management to give users the power to view, release, remove, deny, block, or allow messages
  • Advanced log-search functionality and Email Scout reports for greater visibility
  • Advanced domain and filter settings management for checks, permissions, and spam scoring thresholds
  • Mailbox autodetection via SMTP or synchronization via LDAP to simplify getting started
  • Unblocked and blocked list management for added control
  • Advanced filtering statistics, such as number of spam messages filtered, viruses blocked, or total email volume
  • Extension and attachment blocking management (e.g., .zip, .zar, or PDF) to help protect against zero-day malware
  • User and permission management for transparency and control
  • SSL/TLS traffic encryption to assist in securely transmitting email when possible
  • Granular configuration per user/IP domain
  • Smart host deployment for outbound email filtering to block spam and viruses from leaving the organization and help protect IP reputation
  • Sender policy framework (SPF) support to detect and block email spoofing
  • DKIM signatures to help ensure sender authenticity and verify content has not been modified to prevent spoofing
  • Domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC) to help prevent email spoofing when used in conjunction with SPF and/or DKIM
  • Automated abuse report generation and processing

Email security software to help protect your customers and end users

  • Protection via collective intelligence with our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine
  • Easy setup that lets you simply add domains and change MX records
  • Keep email available 24/7 with built-in email continuity services