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N-central adding devices to monitoring

Establish effective security policies for mobile devices

As an MSP today, your customers likely perform some sensitive business operations on smartphones or tablets. To provide comprehensive IT services, you need to provide security not just for on-premises workstations, but also for mobile devices.

N-able N-central® provides an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution designed specifically for MSPs. In addition to desktop and network management capabilities, N-central also features a variety of EMM security functions to help you manage and secure your customers’ mobile devices. You can control the applications installed on corporate phones or BYOD devices, disable features like camera capabilities, and remotely reset passwords. With security features that help comply with industry regulations, your customers can rest assured that their mobile devices receive the same level of enterprise security focus as the rest of their IT suite.

N-central mobile device management

Manage and secure lost or stolen mobile devices with remote tracking and data management

Mobile devices provide convenience and flexibility, but they also pose unique security challenges. For example, a smartphone or tablet is easier to steal or misplace than an on-premises device. To help MSPs tackle these mobile challenges, N-able N-central offers an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution with remote tracking and system management features.

With N-able N-central, you can use the devices’ built-in GPS systems to locate and track device location history from one centralized dashboard. If you have confirmed that a device has been lost or stolen, the remote data wipe feature allows you to delete data and reset the settings of devices from afar. By choosing a remote monitoring tool with EMM capabilities, you can protect customer data even in a worst-case scenario.

N-central all mobile devices filtering

Gain insight into mobile device performance metrics with usage reports

When providing IT management services for a customer who conducts business on smartphones or tablets, you need to understand the use history and resource metrics of each mobile device under your watch. Just like on-premises servers, your mobile device performance metrics can provide valuable insight and should be easily accessible to technicians.

N-able N-central allows you to view reports on mobile device use including battery consumption, disk usage, and other metrics that can be necessary for addressing performance issues. From the control center, you can take detailed notes on user history, tickets, and more for each mobile device under management.

N-central adding devices to monitoring

Connect enterprise mobile devices with rapid onboarding and intuitive user setup

Whether your customers are using corporate devices or implementing a BYOD policy, N-able N-central helps make onboarding new devices fast and intuitive.

N-able N-central allows you to easily connect your customers’ mobile devices to your managed services. First, send out a preset invitation to the mobile devices you wish to onboard. Then, once your customers have acknowledged your invitation text or email, you can instantly create a device profile for each connected mobile device. Plus, you can set up preset device profiles that allow you to automatically apply Wi-Fi settings, connect devices to a VPN, and more.

A fast onboarding and setup process can save you time, money, and frustration—while keeping your customers happy.

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Receive proactive alerts that help you address mobile device issues quickly

Individually checking each customers’ mobile device to make sure everything’s running smoothly isn’t always possible. That’s why N-able N-central offers real-time alerts, delivered to your inbox in case a customer needs help with their mobile device, a phone has been lost, or mobile device security or performance metrics aren’t up to par.

From either the N-able N-central dashboard or the free mobile app, you can check the performance status of your customers’ mobile devices and answer questions your customers might have. You can also customize how you receive notifications—whether via SMS or email. With proactive alerts, you can learn about mobile device issues as soon as they happen and address your customers’ concerns wherever you are.

Enterprise mobile management solutions for MSPs

  • Data protection and location tracking for mobile devices
  • Proactive alerts, reports, and centralized device management
  • Fast and easy bulk onboarding for new mobile devices