SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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Monitor actve issues remotely

Gain visibility into workstations and servers with robust remote management software

One of the key functions of remote monitoring and management solutions is to provide IT service providers with visibility into the performance metrics of devices and computing environments that they manage. Monitoring solutions that collect, aggregate, categorize, and display detailed information in easy-to-understand ways help MSPs stay on top of system performance and resolve issues before they impact end users.

N-able N-central® allows you to easily monitor devices across your customers’ networks, regardless of platform. Compatible with various versions of Linux, macOS, and Windows, N-able N-central provides a robust remote management solution that helps you to keep tabs on your customers’ workstations, servers, and devices.

N-central monitoring device details

Keep pace as your business expands with tools that enable scalable monitoring and maintenance

As your customers grow, your MSP will need tools that allow you to scale as well. To keep pace with larger systems and computing environments, MSPs need a remote management software solution that can help technicians be more efficient.

With N-able N-central, you can use SNMP to remotely monitor and manage your customers’ networked devices: servers and switches, smartphones and tablets, and even virtual sessions and machines.

N-central sends out notifications about device status and performance when metrics exceed critical thresholds, and performance checks allow admins to check the health of software and hardware across multiple work sites—all from the same dashboard. Powerful monitoring capabilities can help you serve diverse customer networks and expand your business.

N-central automation policy

Leverage automation for streamlined and efficient remote systems management

When providing IT services to a wide range of customers, MSPs often have to perform a variety of necessary but time-consuming routine tasks. N-able N-central lets you set automation policies with ease, allowing you to save technician time and increase efficiency.

The tool’s advanced automation manager allows you to customize which tasks you automate—without the need to write code. Use rules-based templates and scripting tools to perform bulk actions such as onboarding new customers or distributing software patches. N-central lets you quickly standardize and automate processes across networks and work sites, allowing you to devote your resources to more pressing business-critical tasks.

N-central monitoring IT tools

Resolve issues and conduct maintenance without interfering with end user productivity

MSPs must not only respond to issues when they arise, but also maintain devices without interrupting business productivity.

To help ensure that scheduled maintenance doesn’t affect your customers, N-able N-central makes it possible to connect to workstations after hours and upload files or scripts, or use the command line remotely. This allows you to fix issues proactively and avoid downtime.

The robust reporting system also helps ensure that even if your customers don’t notice when you’re working on their behalf, you have the documentation to show your efforts.

Remote system management software to manage IT environments

  • Protect the health of your customers’ systems with smart alerts
  • Monitor networked devices, regardless of type or operating system
  • Use automation capabilities to free up technician time