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Manage customer information using IT help desk software with asset management in RMM

Busy MSPs need customer information at a glance. Which customers take up most of your time? Which customers produce the most revenue? Strong IT help desk software makes it easier to get important information from a centralized dashboard.

N-able MSP Manager allows you to track tickets, assign technicians to each account, and note which accounts cause the most challenges. When combined with asset management features integrated from N-able RMM, technicians get information fast while managers and MSP owners can make smart, strategic decisions.

This MSP asset management solution also stores contact information and locations for customers, so you can make sure technicians have everything they need for smooth onsite visits. Additionally, comprehensive service histories give you more context around a customer and their assets so you can better anticipate their needs.

IT help desk software with asset management gives you the tools you need to keep customer information organized and provide high-quality support.

MSP Manager - tickets display dashboard

Resolve issues quickly with IT help desk ticketing tools

When your customers submit a service request, they expect your team to fix issues as quickly as possible. That means every part of the ticketing process must be efficient and seamless. You need IT help desk ticketing tools that boost productivity—not slow you down with unnecessary details.

With the IT help desk and asset management software included in N-able MSP Manager, you only have to fill out the most relevant fields to create a ticket before getting to work. The quick ticket feature lets you create a ticket from any screen—so if you’re scrolling through customer account information, you can do so in seconds without ever leaving the page. Each ticket includes time tracking for easy billing and custom ticket statuses so you (and your customers) always know where a ticket is in your workflow.

MSP Manager - billing periods dashboard

Streamline and customize billing to specific customer needs

Proper billing helps ensure you get paid for your work—but it shouldn’t take away from the time you spend resolving customer issues. N-able MSP Manager is designed to help reduce the amount of time spent sorting out billing so you can focus on providing high-quality service to your customers.

MSP Manager automatically gathers time-tracking information from your tickets to populate your invoices and allows you to generate invoices in bulk with just a few clicks. You can also set up and associate different service items for each of your customers so the system can automatically calculate invoices based on the correct rates. If a request comes up that’s outside of a customer’s contract, you can enter custom rates as needed. Each invoice is clear and broken down in detail, so your customers always know what they’re paying for, helping reduce potential billing disputes.

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Provide hands-on support on the go with an IT help desk mobile app

Despite the many tools that allow MSPs to monitor and manage customer networks remotely these days, there are still occasions that require your technicians to travel to customer locations and provide hands-on support. To be effective in the field, your technicians need on-the-go access to your knowledge base and customer information. The N-able MSP Manager mobile app for Android and iOS can help.

With just a few clicks in the mobile app, you can track time, manage tasks, and add photos of issues to tickets. Push notifications alert your technicians to status changes or new tickets, so they’re always informed. Detailed customer management and asset management information is stored in the app as well, so your technicians can provide outstanding service no matter where they are. For security purposes, the MSP Manager app is protected with fingerprint authentication.

N-able MSP Manager

Offer customers better service via an IT help desk and asset management combination

  • Resolve tickets quickly and easily
  • Keep customer knowledge in one place
  • Stay on top of billing