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Simplify email security for Microsoft 365 customers

With the shift to move resources to the cloud and adopt SaaS applications, Microsoft 365 is used widely by businesses of all sizes. While Microsoft 365 apps include some built-in security, it can come up short in handling all your security and data retention needs.

N-able Mail Assure Sync for Microsoft 365 functionality is designed so you can effortlessly onboard multiple Microsoft 365 customers to the email security solution.

With the Sync for Microsoft 365 functionality, you can add multiple Microsoft 365 users with an onboarding wizard available from the new Mail Assure interface by safely connecting with your Microsoft 365 credentials.

Protecting your Microsoft 365 customers from spam, viruses, phishing , spoofing, ransomware, malware, and other email-borne threats is made simple with Mail Assure’s email security gateway solutions.

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Improve efficiency across your MSP business

Managing multiple MSP customers can be challenging. Technicians don’t have the time and resources to battle with complex tools and solutions. They need to move quickly and focus on billable tasks that help drive business growth while providing outstanding IT service.

Mail Assure Sync for Microsoft 365 is designed to help you manage and onboard your Microsoft 365 customers easy and fast.

Once enabled, the automatic synchronization functionality built in to Sync for Microsoft 365 improves efficiency by automatically adding new Microsoft 365 mailboxes, distributions lists, and shared mailboxes so you don’t have to manually add those mailboxes one by one. The same applies for deleted mailboxes in Microsoft 365.

With scheduled automatic synchronization, you can also keep your usage under control and have full visibility over the number of Microsoft 365 mailboxes you manage.

Finally, the multitenant dashboard with predefined settings, reporting, and views built for MSPs, customers, technicians, and email users, helps you manage all your customers in one view.

Mail Assure email overview and dashboard

Increase visibility and control over email flow

Email is among the most common means of communication. It’s a tool used by a significant number of people to get an incredible amount of work done, but it’s also one of the most vulnerable vectors for malicious business attacks.

N-able Mail Assure’s email security solutions offer MSPs and their customers greater control and visibility over email flow to help ensure any issues can be detected and resolved fast by authorized administrators.

An advanced log search, spam quarantine, and reports offer visibility over email flow of all domains added to the interface, including the power to release, deny, block, or allow messages.

Additionally, email users have access to their own dashboard to manage their email as well as view their own logs and spam quarantine. Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 via an add-in gives email users the ability to manage their email flow straight from their messages from within Outlook, on the web, with macOS, Windows PC, iOS, iPadOS, or Android—at no additional cost.

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Maintain business productivity

If Microsoft 365 experiences outages or email server downtime, there is no recourse but to wait for a fix. Productivity can dip, and chances are good to lose out on business opportunities.

Keeping businesses secure and online is critical as an MSP—and helps build a foundation for growth.

Mail Assure’s cloud-based email protection services include Microsoft 365 email continuity by default—at no additional cost. This capability enables users to continue working even during outages or downtime. Users can receive, write, and send email from their Mail Assure dashboard. Mobile device accessibility is also supported if users don’t have a computer handy.

With N-able Mail Assure, increasing email protection and continuity for Microsoft 365 customers is made simple via seamless integration with Microsoft 365.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the risks of relying on Microsoft 365 alone?

What are the risks of relying on Microsoft 365 alone?

  • Email remains vulnerable to a single line of defense that can fail
  • Cloud services are prime targets for spear-phishing attacks
  • Customers may not realize they’re vulnerable until it’s too late
  • Productivity can dip due to Microsoft Office 365 outages and downtime events
  • Users can accidentally delete critical email data, and you may lack a backup

How does the N-able Mail Assure add-in for Microsoft 365 work?

How does the N-able Mail Assure add-in for Microsoft 365 work?

The Mail Assure add-in, available at Microsoft AppSource, is designed to give Microsoft 365 users greater control over and transparency into their email flow while enjoying the benefits of Mail Assure email protection.

The add-in enables users to:

  • Mark messages as “spam” or “not spam” from Outlook, on the web, macOS or Windows PCs, iOS, iPadOS, or Android devices
  • Easily sign into their Mail Assure dashboard from both Microsoft 365 Apps and Azure Active Directory using Single Sign-On (SSO)

How does the N-able Mail Assure Sync for Microsoft 365 functionality work?

How does the N-able Mail Assure Sync for Microsoft 365 functionality work?

The Microsoft 365 sync functionality is designed to simplify onboarding of Microsoft 365 customers to Mail Assure. Once logged into the new Mail Assure interface using your SSO credentials, a Microsoft 365 wizard (available from the Domains Overview page) will help you get your Microsoft 365 customers protected fast.

Using the Microsoft 365 sync:

  • Add Microsoft 365 customers by safely connecting with your Microsoft 365 credentials.
  • Improve efficiency with automatic synchronization of new Microsoft 365 mailboxes, distribution lists, and shared mailboxes, as well as mailbox aliases.
  • Keep usage under control with scheduled automatic synchronization of added and deleted mailboxes.
  • Easily set time zone, date and time formatting, and reporting options for new mailboxes.

Why choose N-able Mail Assure email security for your Microsoft 365 users?

Why choose N-able Mail Assure email security for your Microsoft 365 users?

Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 via an add-in. Using collective threat intelligence, 24/7 email continuity, and long-term email archiving, Mail Assure provides an additional email security gateway to help protect against:

  • Spam, viruses, ransomware, malware, and other email borne threats with advanced threat protection—with near 100% filtering accuracy
  • Phishing, spear phishing, impersonation, and business email compromises with real-time pattern threat recognition
  • Spoofing and display-name spoofing with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
  • Dangerous attachments with hidden executables and macros to help prevent zero-day attacks
  • IP blacklisting and damage to company reputation with abuse management
  • Email server outages and downtime with 24/7 built-in email continuity
  • Data loss with robust, encrypted email archiving

N-able Mail Assure

Keep your Microsoft 365 customers safe from email threats

  • Increase email protection and continuity for Microsoft 365 customers
  • Boost business efficiency with Microsoft 365 automated synchronization capabilities
  • Keep Microsoft 365 email available 24/7 with built-in email continuity