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Risk Intelligence monitoring - scans and statistics

Network security audit tools

As the number of cyberattacks grow and became more virulent – and as more companies fall prey to ransomware, data breaches, and lost or stolen personal identification information – comprehensive network security audit tools are an increasingly valuable and essential service. Network and computer security teams need actionable intelligence that can empower them to adopt a proactive and layered defense strategy.

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Network and computer security audit software

MSPs looking for a truly effective network security audit software service can find everything they need with N-able Risk Intelligence. Risk Intelligence is designed with MSPs in mind, offering key differentiating features such as deep vulnerability scanning, risk trending reports, inappropriate access alerts, PCI compliance scans, dollar-based risk assessment reports, and more.

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Proactive audits limit exposure

The unrelenting nature of complex and malevolent cyberattacks demands greater visibility into the exposure of devices, applications, and data across the depth and breadth of the network infrastructure. Many organizations are also responsible for complying with regulatory data protection guidelines such as HIPAA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

That’s why it’s critical to take the appropriate security actions immediately, without wasting valuable time and resources — especially when facing exposure to major risks and vulnerabilities.

N-able Risk Intelligence identifies the exposure of data across all assets, endpoints, and environments within a client’s IT infrastructure. It does this in real time, while also finding sensitive financial, personal, health, and other protected information that must be accounted for in a network security audit.

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Ensuring the right data for the right people

Network and data access permissions have the potential to create serious security concerns. For example, engineers should be able to access code and design plans, but not employee records, trade secrets, or executive salaries.

Because access rights change over time as employees switch departments or leave the company, organizations must also be able to monitor these network permissions on an ongoing basis. While understanding permissions is a tedious process, it is aggravated by the avalanche of data inundating today’s organizations — hundreds or thousands of files scattered throughout the network infrastructure.

N-able Risk Intelligence provides MSPs with unparalleled visibility into user and group permissions, along with a complete hierarchical view of the effective permissions and access rights for specific file folders and drives.

With these capabilities, N-able Risk Intelligence protects organizations from situations such as:

  • Unsecured payment data collected by sales associates
  • Health information stored in human resource records
  • Stolen customer lists
  • Compromised trade secrets

N-able Risk Intelligence also makes it easier for MSPs and IT professionals to make sound business cases for the prioritization of network security threats and the software tools required to address them. The risk intelligence audit reports highlight a network’s vulnerabilities and sensitive data in terms of the cost of this data becoming compromised.

Financial decision makers can use this data to determine the proper network fixes as well as the necessary steps to address risk trends and forecasted break costs.

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N-able Risk Intelligence and additional security tools

Using the network security audit tools offered with N-able Risk Intelligence is a great way to for MSPs to alert their clients to serious and pressing network vulnerabilities. But what should these MSPs do to support their clients through addressing their specific network security gaps?

N-able Risk Intelligence is just one industry-leading product in the suite of remote data management and network security tools available through N-able. By utilizing features such as the active device discovery tool within N-able RMM, for example, MSPs can identify and manage the exact number of devices on their clients’ networks. In this way, the active device discovery feature protects client networks from unprotected devices and new threats as soon as they arise.

N-able RMM also helps protect a client’s network security by offering advanced web protection. If a network security audit tool reports an issue with phishing, malware, or other harmful threats, MSPs can help by taking advantage of N-able RMM’s proactive threat protection and customizable content web filtering.

This reactive and proactive information security software tool also runs multiple comprehensive antivirus engines to detect recognizable malware threats. Because these types of threats evolve and adapt every day, N-able RMM offers real-time advanced monitoring so that emerging network threats are predicted and eliminated.

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Expanded software tools and network protection

In addition to Risk Intelligence and RMM, N-able offers the following additional solutions that enable MSPs to offer a holistic approach to handling their clients’ IT requirements.

  • N-able Backup & Recovery – This lightning-fast network recovery and backup solution protects clients against hardware failures, natural disasters, and lost data through robust backup and recovery operations with physical, virtual, and bare-metal servers. Features like file retention and data archiving make it easy to find critical information in files that are retained for long-term storage — features particularly useful for clients who may face litigation or regulatory compliance audits.
  • N-able Mail Assure – the email security and continuity platform protects client networks against malware-infected email and other threats. With Mail Assure, clients can send and receive email, even if the email server or service is offline.

As is the case with Risk Intelligence, each N-able platform is “platform-agnostic” and is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

With hundreds or thousands of clients to cater to, the last thing MSPs need is being forced to switch consoles for every client and every application. For convenience, all N-able solutions support a “single pane of glass”’ approach that provides full and detailed visibility of all client assets for which they are responsible from a single dashboard console.

Network security audit tools

  • Supports lightweight scans and host-based scans
  • Discovers potential vulnerabilities with sensitive data
  • Gives you complete drill-down granular control and insight into the devices on your network