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Secure your customers’ emails in Outlook and Exchange with cloud-based email protection

The many benefits of Microsoft 365 have made it an increasingly popular choice for organizations. It can offer great organizational flexibility, cost savings, and ease of collaboration across office locations and distributed workforces. However, its massive user base also makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals. The cloud does not automatically reduce the risk of end users being compromised, so your customers will benefit from additional security around Microsoft and Exchange data.

N-able Mail Assure helps MSPs protect customers that are using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. Seamless integration enables users to log into Mail Assure’s web interface with their Microsoft 365 credentials to view their logs and quarantine data. An easy-to-install Microsoft 365 add-in available at Microsoft AppSource gives users added control over their email flow at no additional cost.

The cloud-based email protection offered by Mail Assure helps protect Microsoft 365 users from email-based threats with a 99.999% filtering accuracy rate—so technicians and users can spend less time dealing with malware.

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Archive emails in Outlook and Exchange to prevent data loss

Data loss is a fact of life. When it comes to Microsoft 365, the limitations of the default data retention policies can leave your customers vulnerable to data loss via accidental or malicious deletion. The best way MSPs can help protect their customers’ emails and sensitive information is by providing a reliable way to archive emails in Outlook and Exchange mail servers.

With N-able Mail Assure you get long-term encrypted email archiving for Microsoft 365 to help ensure a history of email communication. Advanced content and attachment searches help simplify the process of finding and retrieving emails, and a fast-indexed search option for logs helps increase productivity. Journaling support even helps you pull in emails from existing Microsoft environments.

For easy migration, you can import archive data from other solutions or your existing infrastructure. Archive export allows you to transfer data out if necessary, and you can always disable archiving per mailbox to meet storage requirements.

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Leverage secure business email solutions to help your customers demonstrate compliance

Today’s modern businesses are responsible for a lot of confidential information, and sensitive data is often being transferred via email. As such, email should be subject to the same protections and compliance regulations as other forms of business communication.

To help avoid data loss, MSPs should have a professional email archiving option in place. N-able Mail Assure is designed to be a secure business email solution that helps your customers demonstrate compliance of FRCP, SOX, HIPAA, and others. All emails are stored in multiple global storage locations (US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and more), and customers can choose the location that fits their geographic storage and data needs. Custom retention periods give you the control necessary to meet your customers’ specific requirements, meaning they’ll have access to their archived mail when they need it.

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Increase customer productivity with 24/7 email continuity

Your customers depend on reliable access to their emails to do business throughout the day, and even a temporary outage can critically impact their productivity. The email protection solution offered by N-able Mail Assure provides additional layers of security and continuity beyond the Microsoft 365 native capabilities.

If Microsoft 365 is unavailable, Mail Assure allows users to access their email through a web interface, enabling round-the-clock email continuity. Users can still send, receive, and write emails from the web interface in case of an outage. All archived emails and the email quarantine will also remain available if email service goes offline.

Mail Assure comes equipped with 14-day email queue support, meaning the tool will continue attempting to deliver and store emails in the incoming delivery queue even if service is offline for two weeks. This feature is supported by full fallback MX service to help ensure emails get delivered as soon as possible.

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Boost IT system performance with email compression

Traditional Outlook email archive solutions can consume a lot of resources over time, and MSPs often have to purchase more hardware or storage to accommodate these steadily escalating resource needs. Cloud-based email archiving solutions like N-able Mail Assure help eliminate these pain points.

Mail Assure is all cloud-based, which means there’s no need to purchase additional hardware as your business scales up or your customers add more endpoints. This helps reduce costs for both your MSP and your customers. Mail Assure compresses inbound and outbound email before it’s stored to help keep data usage and costs low, and you can enable or disable archiving for each individual mailbox.

With visibility into the storage being used via the multi-tenant Mail Assure web interface, your MSP has greater control and flexibility to easily manage storage requirements.

N-able Mail Assure

Don’t lose another email with an Outlook email archive solution

  • Help prevent data loss with long-term email archiving and data retention
  • More easily demonstrate compliance
  • Maximize IT system performance with a cloud-based email solution