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Maximize security and efficiency with remote infrastructure monitoring services

Infrastructure monitoring is a critical responsibility for managed services providers (MSPs), as it informs nearly every step of the information security process.

Without infrastructure monitoring services, organizations lack deep knowledge about their critical assets, which may lead them to apply inappropriate layers of protection to some network systems. This creates inefficiencies, drives up operating costs, and increases exponentially with scale.

N-able N-central® is a remote infrastructure monitoring and management solution that sets the foundation for informed decision-making while allowing MSPs to efficiently perform critical security tasks for multiple customers from afar. Resources are inherently limited, and the N-central solution helps ensure the most important and sensitive assets are given the highest-priority security.

N-Central topology troubleshoot overview

Map network topology automatically with comprehensive remote infrastructure monitoring

The auto discovery feature of N-central allows MSPs to generate detailed network topology maps that provide deep visibility into network endpoints and their connections. N-central detects network changes and new endpoints as they connect to the network, updating topology maps in real time. Troubleshooting is a much more efficient process with an accurate network map.

The N-central solution also includes an automation manager that helps you increase efficiency so you can devote your time to more critical issues. Low-stakes repetitive tasks can be automated, fixes can be immediately deployed when thresholds are exceeded, and a comprehensive reporting system provides records of the steps taken. N-central pairs this with rules-based workflow and a proactive alert system that keeps IT professionals up-to-date on network health and performance, making it possible to resolve issues before customers are impacted.

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Customize monitoring to match the specific customer needs

As your business grows, maximizing efficiency becomes vital—but your customers still expect you to provide them with personalized service. Utilizing a powerful remote infrastructure management solution helps ensure that you’re able to achieve both goals.

N-central helps support your business strategy as you scale by onboarding new endpoints automatically. The tool also enables you to monitor thousands of network endpoints. In addition, you can configure profiles, rules, and filters to meet the individual needs of customers, site, or device-type. The N-central solution’s compatibility with platforms and operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux allows you to configure and monitor your customers’ workstations and servers in near real-time with ease.

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Minimize risk posed by human error

While a lot of attention is rightly given to deterring cyber threats and bad actors, non-malicious factors can also lead to data breaches. One major contributor is human error.

Inadequate user training coupled with poorly enforced security policies can lead to potentially major security breaches. For example, employees may accidentally attach the wrong file to an email or download sensitive data to a home computer. Activities like these can have severe consequences for an organization, which is why a remote infrastructure monitoring solution that enables granular permissions and provides deep visibility is so important.

With virtual machine monitoring, security monitoring, and performance checks, N-central helps keep your larger IT environment healthy. This can help maintain network visibility, fortify protection, and prevent unintentional error from putting your customers at risk.

Maximize visibility and security with remote infrastructure monitoring

  • Automate repetitive tasks for maximum efficiency
  • Auto discover network changes
  • Monitor thousands of customer devices with ease