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Decrease ticket resolution time with lightning fast connection speeds and powerful tools for both in-person or behind-the-scenes work.

N-able Take Control is remote IT support software that helps MSPs provide fast and efficient help-desk services.

Whether you’re answering in-person support calls or performing device maintenance behind the scenes, Take Control provides fast connections and powerful tools that give techs what they need, at their fingertips, to troubleshoot and complete tasks quickly; tools like native command line functionality, registry editing, and complete system information are just a click away in the technician’s console and remote viewer.

And Take Control is secured with multifactor authentication, military-grade encryption, and the ability to limit access at any level to technicians. Even password management is designed to be tightly secured and controlled through full integration of Take Control with our N-able Passportal password management solution.

N-able Take Control Dashboard

Install and configure agents en masse to get clients set up quickly

Connecting your customers’ devices to your remote access software shouldn’t be complicated, nor should configuring the agents you install. N-able Take Control is designed to make this process simple, so you can get new clients on- line and ready to support quickly.

And once you have agents installed, it’s easy to adjust configurations without re-installing the agents. If a client needs to tighten security to meet new compliance specifications, it’s easy to change the configuration of their device agents.

Along with installing agents, a keyboard tray icon can be added to users’ desktops to enable one-click support requests. And because technicians and customers can be organized into groups, those requests can be automatically routed to the appropriate technician, avoiding triage work and increased wait time for the end user.

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Communicate clearly with clients using live chat, VoIP calls, or even video calling

Tools for remote support should help make communication between you and your customers more effective and efficient. Direct communication through built-in chat, calling, or even video calling, lets you solve problems fast so customers are happier—and so you can get back to other important tasks that add value to your business.

With N-able Take Control, your customers have the option to contact your team using email, live chat, voice over IP (VoIP), or video calling.

Take Control Plus even offers the ability to create custom surveys, so you can solicit customer feedback after every session if desired.

Remote desktop connection

Add your logo to client-facing elements to reinforce your brand—and value—to your customers.

When you provide your customers with top-tier IT services, you want to make sure clients recognize your value when the invoice arrives. N-able Take Control can help you strengthen and reinforce your value by allowing you to add your logo to client-facing components and customize messaging, alerts, and even your terms of service.

In addition, you can brand user-support-request methods, such as the URL unregistered users access to connect or calling cards you may want to offer your clients. You can even easily add a “Get Support” button to your own website.

Take Control - remote it support

Technicians appreciate remote IT support tools like Take Control that offer powerful tools at their fingertips

For IT services providers, time is money. N-able Take Control lets your technicians provide high-quality remote IT support as efficiently as possible with powerful tools, like:

  • Important device information at a glance, like system details, storage usage, application and driver details, and more.
  • Registry editing right from the remote viewer.
  • Fast command line functionality—that has the same features as native command lines.
  • Support from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Multimonitor and 24-bit true color support.
  • Live chat and video calling.

Remote IT Support Tool

  • Powerful diagnostic tools built for speed
  • Custom branding and configurations to adapt to your business
  • Multiple layers of security help keep MSPs and their clients safe