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Easily back up your Windows Server to the cloud

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you know that many of your customers rely on Windows Server to support critical business functions. Losing Windows Server data or configuration settings could be disastrous for any enterprise.

N-able Backup provides trustworthy server backup that is fully compatible with Windows Server environments. With a low-overhead cloud structure, N-able Backup allows for minimal resource consumption, low bandwidth, and flexible support for even your largest files. Because Backup uses N-able signature TrueDelta for rapid file retrieval, you can quickly restore any content from your storage cloud.

Manage Windows Server backups from a centralized dashboard

Any MSP knows the struggle of managing client data across multiple platforms and servers. Your task is more complex when you need to handle data from specific customer systems like Activity Directory.

Whether for virtual, physical, or cloud servers, you can use N-able Backup for a unified management view of Windows Server backups across clients. N-able Backup allows you to manage Windows Server backups alongside backups for other types of servers, applications, and Microsoft 365. With cross-platform backups for physical and virtual environments, you can easily access and retrieve the data you need. Additionally, the Backup dashboard displays Windows Server information in simple charts and graphs for at-a-glance management.

Encrypt your server backup data for secure storage

Your customers likely have sensitive data associated with their Windows systems. Active Directory, on-premises Exchange servers, and even Microsoft Office documents can contain important business information—and backups of these systems should be handled carefully.

Any business using cloud-based backup storage will have questions about the security of their storage. With N-able Backup, your clients can rest assured that their security is in the right hands. With AES 256-bit encryption, backups are only accessible to MSPs and authorized customer users.

N-able Backup uses end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption to help protect against cyberattacks. Because your data is encrypted in storage as well as in transit, you don’t have to worry about private files being intercepted while on their way to a N-able global cloud data storage centers.

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Restore Windows Server backup data quickly and securely

Windows Servers handle a wide range of services and activities on customer networks. Even if only some Windows Server data is lost, the whole business might grind to a halt. When this happens, recovery time is paramount for avoiding business losses.

That’s why N-able Backup makes rapid recovery  a centerpiece of its software model. You can rapidly restore Windows files or full device system states.

Other Windows Server backup tools make a distinction between physical and virtual servers, which means your Windows Server data can be difficult to piece together at recovery time. With our Backup, you can recover physical or virtual servers  as VMs, into VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, either in your own environment, or in a Hyper-V instance in the Azure cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I back up a Windows Server?

How do I back up a Windows Server?

Backing up a Windows Server involves saving current and historical versions of server data to a secondary storage location. In the event your server fails, you can restore data from this backup version.

While it’s possible to back up your Windows Server manually, the process would involve many hours of unnecessary work. A faster and more accurate approach would be to choose a software solution that is compatible with your Windows Server.

The best choice for securing your backup images is a cloud-based service. The cloud provides both flexibility and scalability. With a cloud backup service, a server can be backed up or restored from any location. What’s more, as the size of your server grows, the cloud storage will continue to accommodate it.

A cloud backup also provides security without the burden of managing anti-virus, patch, and similar services yourself. A private cloud can also be designed to use encryption and other security measures that help ensure your server data is safe from hacking.

Why is Windows Server backup important?

Why is Windows Server backup important?

Windows Server backup is important because a Windows Server environment handles a range of important business functions, like corporate networking, database storage, Active Directory, and more. Whether the Windows Server is on-premises or in the cloud, it’s critical that its information is protected in case of system failure or cyberattack.

For instance, it’s critical to have a backup of Windows Server Active Directory information because this system determines the permissions levels for employees. If an organization’s domain controllers fail or database corruption occurs, then Active Directory information may be lost, potentially putting sensitive files at risk of unauthorized access.

For businesses that will undergo a security audit, it can also be important to maintain a detailed record of your data logs in your backup solution. That’s why N-able Backup offers an archiving solution for databases including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and other databases that may be hosted on your Windows Server.

How do I restore a Windows Server backup?

How do I restore a Windows Server backup?

With the right software, you can quickly restore a Windows Server from the most recently saved backup or a previous version. If the entire server must be recovered, you will use what is called bare-metal recovery.

Bare-metal recovery refers to the complete restoration of your entire server, including all data, applications, system state, configurations, and operating system. If a machine catastrophically fails, or if your system becomes unmanageable, you may need to quickly recreate it and start fresh using bare-metal recovery. With a portable USB as your intermediary, you can transfer recovered items from the cloud into a new physical device and pick up right where you left off.

How can I use N-able Backup to protect Windows Server applications and services?

How can I use N-able Backup to protect Windows Server applications and services?

N-able Backup is designed to help you optimize Windows Server backup, so that backing up your customers’ Windows data can be a quick and simple process. N-able Backup is designed with Windows in mind, offering specific features that make Windows Server backup more user friendly. From a single N-able Backup dashboard, you can manage all of your Windows Server data backups, across all your customers, so that it is clear which of your backups are up to date.

If a worst-case scenario renders a customer’s Windows Server unusable, N-able understands that time equals money. To speed up your Windows Server recovery, N-able Backup Accelerator implements block-level changes during the data backup and recovery process. This includes TrueDelta data deduplication, compression, and WAN optimization, so the smallest possible amount of data is transferred over the network while providing full bare-metal recovery.

Protect your business with backup software for Windows Server

  • Choose efficient data protection and recovery for your Windows Server
  • Gain easy-to-use workstation backup and archiving features
  • Use data encryption and store backups in a global private cloud