An introduction to GFI MAX Backup

It’s time for us to introduce you to another product from our suite of products at GFI MAX!

As you know, it’s our priority to bring you content which will benefit your business and help you grow which is why we’d be remiss if we didn’t fill you in on the benefits of our newest product, GFI MAX Backup!

As we mentioned before, this isn’t just about telling you how great we think our products are (although we do think they’re pretty good) instead we are going to try our best to demonstrate how using our suite of products can help you grow your business –bringing you helpful advice on all the ways you can use our products to save time and money and of course offer your clients the best possible service.

We’ve already introduced you to our GFI MAX RemoteManagement Tool and GFI MAX Mail, now it’s the turn of Bjorn Bakker our Product Manager for GFI MAX Backup, to tell you in his own words what GFI MAX Backup can do for your business, and most importantly for your customers:

“When was the last time that you made your customers feel safe and relaxed? When was the last time you put a smile on their face with one of your services? You probably find more often than not that they are critical of what you do, or focused on what you cannot do for them.

“What we sometimes forget in our world of IT is to think like the customer. We are too focused on the latest features or the next big thing. But why? Before we create something shouldn’t we always start with this question; how do we want people to feel?

“How would their world be different if they could go back in time? How would having the power to change the past make them feel?

“Imagine if a water pipe bursts in their office and destroys their servers. How would that affect them? How would that make them feel? What if whatever the mistake, whatever the crisis, it can all be corrected?

“In our world – our digital world – there’s no such thing as an irreversible consequence.

“But with GFI MAX Backup your company and your customers will save money, time and manpower and you can relax knowing that your customer’s most valuable asset is secure – you can always rewind to the precise point before things went wrong.

“When it comes to losing data, the question is no longer if it will happen … but when?

“However if you’re backing up your data with GFI MAX Backup, the only thing that you lose is the chance of a disaster!

“Make your customers feel like you have their back. No matter what happens.”

Try it out for yourself and see how GFI MAX Backup services could make a difference to your business with a FREE 30-day trial.

By Debbie Thomson

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