Seamlessly monitor, manage, and protect Mac devices, just like Windows

N-able RMM offers a seamless experience in monitoring, managing, and helping protect Mac devices in your customer environment, all within a single dashboard. Protect customers from data loss by backing up important documents and making them easily and quickly recoverable. Additionally, help protect Mac devices from cyberthreats using powerful AV solutions.

Manage and monitor Mac and Windows devices with the same solution

  • Use the same RMM dashboard to monitor both Mac and Windows devices.
  • Customize Mac device monitoring to suit each unique installation using monitoring templates. This customization provides the ability to manage devices based on sites and locations.
  • Upload and push your own Apple Configuration Profiles to Mac workstations.
  • Attach your own scripts as checks and automated tasks (e.g. shell, Python, Perl, JavaScript, etc.).
  • Personalize the Mac automated tasks window by adding your company logo.
  • If you can script it, RMM can automate it.
  • All Apple updates (except App Store) and over 200 third-party titles (including Office, Java, Flash, Firefox, and Chrome) are manually tested/validated by the N-able test team before they are released.
  • Troubleshoot Mac issues quickly with remote background management for behind-the-scenes access to the Mac command line.

Back up Mac documents to the cloud and recover them easily

  • Back up the most common documents twice a day—more than 50 common file types are supported with the same frequency as Windows documents.
  • Retrieve previous versions of a file easily because documents are versioned automatically.
  • Provide a 28-day archive for any document and restore up to 56 versions of a document.
  • Get started easily because no configuration is required.
  • Provide self-service document recovery through the Backup and Recovery app on the Mac.

Protect Mac devices from viruses and malware

  • Detect both Windows and Mac types of malware to reduce the attack surface of your network.
  • Benefit from the threat detection and remediation capabilities of BitDefender.
  • Experience the superior performance of an integrated AV solution with a low memory footprint.
  • Reuse the Windows AV profiles to manage Mac security—one less thing to configure.
  • View AV Reports for Mac and Windows in the same place.

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