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Spend less time on administrative tasks with efficient endpoint backup software

Backing up is essential to helping prevent data loss, but it can be a very labor-intensive process in complex networks with numerous endpoints. N-able Backup is an efficient direct-to-cloud endpoint backup solution that helps save time on administrative tasks by managing backups and recoveries for various types of endpoints from one dashboard. You can access at-a-glance views of backup status across physical and virtual servers (VMware  and Hyper-V ) and workstations, and manage recoveries from one location.

To save space as well as time, N-able Backup uses TrueDelta technology, letting you restore more endpoints and archived data while only using a fraction of the storage and bandwidth required by traditional endpoint backup solutions.

Centralized backup management allows your team to focus on higher-value projects. Instead of using separate systems for physical server, virtual server, and workstation backups, a unified endpoint backup solution like N-able Backup can save time while also helping reduce the potential for human error.

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Provide more value to customers by offering endpoint backup that includes private cloud storage

Secure cloud storage helps MSPs practice the “3-2-1” data protection strategy, but not all backup vendors are created equal. N-able Backup is unique because backup storage in our global private cloud is included in the base price and archiving is included at no extra charge—no need to buy, provision, or manage more local storage.

We offer 30 ISO- or SOC-certified data centers for you to choose from, and details on additional certifications are available by location. End-to-end AES 256-bit encryption protects backup data in transit and at rest, and you can choose private-key encryption to help further prevent unauthorized access. With robust security features and built-in scalable storage, you can add value to your services that can help attract new customers.

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Minimize downtime with rapid recovery times and fast data transfer

As an MSP, your services will be tested most urgently in the wake of a disaster that damages essential technology infrastructure and systems. To minimize downtime and get your customers working again as quickly as possible, you need an endpoint backup solution that enables frequent backups and fast data recovery from the optional local device or from the cloud, to make recovery as quick as possible.

The TrueDelta technology in N-able Backup works at the byte level and makes incremental backups smaller and faster than with traditional endpoint backup software. The Backup Accelerator decreases backup times for larger files by scanning for changes in the background. This helps you back up more frequently, minimize downtime, and meet or exceed your recovery time objectives (RTOs).

N-able Backup also offers many different types of recovery in one solution—from bare-metal recovery and virtual recovery to file- or folder-level recovery—and even allows you to keep an optional local copy of your backups for the fastest recovery. This endpoint backup software is designed to give you the power and flexibility to help your customers resume operations in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is endpoint backup?

What is endpoint backup?

Endpoint backup refers to the process of storing and copying data from network endpoints, like laptops, desktops, and servers. Many enterprises use cloud-based endpoint backup solutions for both critical and non-critical data.

Backups usually run on a schedule, typically every 24 hours, or they can be done continuously.

How does endpoint protection help you recover from ransomware?

How does endpoint protection help you recover from ransomware?

Recovering from a backup will bring the endpoint, such as a server, back to the last uncompromised state, overwriting the encrypted files and removing the ransomware in the process. Beyond that, endpoint backup solutions can help you respond to ransomware in other ways:

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest helps prevent hackers from reading any backup data they may gain access to
  • Frequent backups mean you can meet better recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Endpoint backup software deduplicates and compresses data before moving it to the cloud or backup storage, which facilitates faster recovery
  • Endpoint protection allows you to centrally control the restoration of data and select recovery targets, which is helpful if the ransomware attack has been contained to one part of the enterprise

Why does backup cloud storage matter for endpoints?

Why does backup cloud storage matter for endpoints?

Not all backup solutions are created equal. For example, traditional backups to disk, tape, or external hard drive can be damaged in the case of a natural disaster, and purchasing more storage equipment can quickly get expensive.

Private cloud backup, on the other hand, offers a scalable and cost-effective endpoint backup solution. Offsite backup storage keeps a protected copy of your customers’ data outside of their network that’s always accessible, as long as there’s an internet connection. Backup cloud storage should also encrypt your data in transit and at rest, so if a ransomware attack affects your customer’s network, there’s always a clean, untouched copy of their data offsite.

If cloud storage and archives are included with your endpoint backup solution and you have a single vendor partner to work with, you can save money and time compared to managing offsite storage yourself.

Protect your customers with an endpoint backup solution

  • Store backups more efficiently with private cloud backup
  • Add value that can attract new customers
  • Minimize downtime with rapid recovery options