SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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MSP Manager IT Support Tickets Display

Tackle customer issues fast with ticket management software designed for MSPs

Significant time can get lost in the ticketing process, from complicated forms to time-consuming phone calls with customers. That means dedicating less billable time to tackling IT issues. N-able MSP Manager was designed specifically for MSPs who need ticket-management software that streamlines and automates the ticketing process.

N-able MSP Manager is built with technician efficiency in mind, providing ticketing and time tracking that helps capture the essentials and focuses on serving customers. Automate your ticketing process with flexible tools that help create, time, and route tickets to the appropriate resources.

For example, the Quick Ticket feature lets technicians create a ticket with just a few clicks, so they can get to work faster—no need for bloated, tedious forms. MSP Manager also offers a dashboard overview that includes notes and a summary of communications for each ticket.

MSP Manager Billing Dashboard

Help Ensure Billing Accuracy with Precision-Built Time Tracking and Easy Invoicing

Addressing IT issues from tickets can take up a significant amount of your time, and relying on technicians to record their time accurately can lead to human error. As a result, you need a solution built for precision to accurately track and bill every minute you spend on each customer.

N-able MSP Manager includes a built-in time-tracking system with individual support timers available on every screen, so techs can easily capture every second of billable time, even when working on multiple tickets simultaneously. The tools also allow techs to add time (and notes) to tickets after the fact, so nothing falls through the cracks.

When it comes to your monthly billing cycle, the solution offers a streamlined invoicing process. MSP Manager has the ability to generate and export invoices in batches, set up customer-by-customer billing previews, and provide detailed reports of the expenses on each invoice. It also integrates with several major accounting software tools for easy export to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Xero in a single batch. In short, MSP Manager helps you get paid faster and more accurately.

MSP Manager IT Ticket Dashboard

Manage tickets from anywhere with the MSP Manager Mobile App

In order to effectively serve customers out in the field, techs need easy access to customer knowledge and information available in their IT help desk and billing system. The N-able MSP Manager mobile app lets techs take the help desk on the road by providing them with everything they need to create, time, document, and resolve tickets in the palm of their hand. No barriers to fast ticket resolution!

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the N-able MSP Manager mobile app lets techs create new tickets and track billable hours on-the-go. Techs can even take pictures or videos of “easier shown than described” issues and save them directly into notes and tickets for easy documentation. Push notifications instantly alert technicians on their phones, and other wearable devices, when they’re assigned a new ticket or when a critical status changes.

MSP Manager desktop and server cleanup

Improve the IT Support User Experience with an Intuitive Customer Portal

There’s no doubt about it—the main priority for many MSPs is to keep their customers’ IT systems running. But providing a good customer experience is what keeps customers coming back year after year. The first step to a great customer experience is making it easy for an end user to create a ticket—and continuing to keep them up to date on the ticket’s progress from there.

The N-able MSP Manager customer portal lets end users skip time-consuming phone calls and emails and get straight to submitting tickets. Customers can fill out the details of their IT issue, check the status of their tickets, and view updates with ease. MSPs can also customize the customer portal with their own branding, helping you keep your brand front-and-center for your customers.

MSP Manager - IT Helpdesk ticketing dashboard

Better manage tasks and appointments with user-friendly scheduling

When MSPs deal with multiple customers with multiple sites, staying organized can be easier said than done. To keep operations running without a hitch, MSPs have to make sure they have the right people assigned to the appropriate tickets, so on-site visits go smoothly. N-able MSP Manager simplifies logistics with intuitive scheduling that helps make sure your workforce is operating efficiently.

MSP Manager makes it simple to schedule tasks and appointments with just a few clicks—or even schedule recurring tasks and tickets for better workforce planning. To provide techs with all the information they need to get the job done, MSP Manager allows you to associate a ticket, technician, customer name, time, location, and any other relevant details with scheduled tasks. Tasks can also be exported to other common calendar apps, including Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and more.

With a bird’s-eye view of your IT services calendar, you can organize services to ensure tasks and appointments don’t fall off your radar—increasing customer satisfaction and technician efficiency.

An IT help desk ticketing system to help effectively resolve customer issues

  • Increase your team’s efficiency to get more done, faster
  • Safely access work and company knowledge from anywhere
  • Provide a positive service experience and increase customer loyalty