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Resolve support issues more efficiently with fast connections and powerful tools

Any remote desktop software can connect you with your clients’ machines, but Take Control is specifically designed to meet the needs of busy MSPs. It connects typically in seconds and offers technicians powerful diagnostic tools right at their fingertips. Agents can be configured to your specifications and installed on machines en masse, enabling fast onboarding of new clients.

N-able Take Control provides powerful remote support features that work for a variety of platforms and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. And a native mobile application provides the ability to support clients even while on the go.

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Delight customers with easy support request and communication features

With N-able Take Control, customers can request support in a variety of convenient ways: through email, live chat, a keyboard tray icon, or a “Get Support” button you can embed on your website. Take Control makes it easy for users to reach you quickly, which is critical to customer satisfaction.

Once you are connected to a customer in a support session, Take Control offers multiple ways to directly communicate, helping the technician get to the root of the issue quickly. Technicians and users can chat live, call using built-in VoIP, or even video call with the mobile app. Customers feel heard and taken care of with so many easy, one-on-one ways to communicate.

And when the session concludes, a custom-designed survey can automatically be sent to the end user. This kind of just-in-time feedback is crucial for the MSP to understand what aspects of their service work well, and where there might be opportunities for improvement.

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Increase technician productivity with powerful remote desktop tools designed to boost efficiency

The right remote desktop tools for your IT support teams can help your business increase their overall ticket resolution speed. N-able Take Control offers lightning fast connections, multisession capabilities, chat, and VoIP capabilities—and the ability to transfer files in bulk—all adding up to seconds, minutes, and hours of time saved. Right from the Remote Viewer, the technician can view device details and network information, machine specifications, memory usage, apps, drivers, event logs, and even Windows updates, right from one place.

Bulk drag-and-drop file transfers and PowerShell batch scripting help technicians work faster, saving everyone time. Windows commands and shortcuts can be activated from the Remote Viewer for seamless diagnostics.

Technical problem solving can be time-consuming, but Take Control helps your support team become more efficient, which means more work done per technician.

Take Control Remote IT support

Help maintain tight safeguards with true multilayer end-to-end security

It’s crucial that your remote desktop software is designed with layers of tight security. If cybercriminals are able to take advantage of an insecure remote connection, they can install malicious software with potentially disastrous consequences. N-able Take Control is designed from the ground up with security in mind to help prevent this from occurring.

Take Control security starts with its development environment.  All data and key transmission is encrypted with Diffie-Hellman Elliptic Curve and AES-256 encryption protocols. Access is completely controlled by you with incredibly granular technician access controls. Passwords can be completely safeguarded using the built-in Secrets Vaults feature, or the N-able Passportal fully integrated password management solution. Finally, application access can be gated with two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator.

On top of all that, additional safeguards, like automatic clipboard deletion and idle sessions timeout controls, help maintain security during individual remote sessions.

When we say Take Control was designed with security in mind, we mean it.

Remote desktop for IT support helps solve issues faster

  • Easily diagnose end user issues with powerful tools.
  • Maintain security with layers of built-in safeguards.
  • Delight your clients with easy support access features.