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Boost business efficiency with a powerful remote desktop support solution

MSPs today often work with clients that rely on distributed workforces, with employees in various offices across time zones and even continents. With this added layer of complexity, finding the right solutions to support such highly distributed users can be a challenge.

N-able Take Control helps enable MSP efficiency with fast and powerful remote desktop solutions that technicians can run from iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, or Windows platforms. Designed with MSPs in mind, N-able Take Control offers your technicians fast connections and rapid troubleshooting through an intuitive interface. The tool is also fully integrated with N-able Passportal to allow technicians to gain one-click access to devices while remaining safe.

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Resolve issues quickly with critical insights and tools designed to suit technicians’ workflows

Some remote desktop support solutions tout the fact that they can connect in as little as 20 seconds, or that they offer a comprehensive array of technician tools.

N-able Take Control connects typically in under eight seconds, and provides a rich set of diagnostic and automation tools—adding up to incredible time saving. Run one-to-many scripts, edit registries, and experience near-native command line performance, right from the Remote Viewer.

N-able Take Control puts more system information right at the technician’s fingertips, offers simple drag/drop file transfer, and can provide technicians with a toolset that is second to none.

Take Control Remote IT support

Maximize security with powerful layers of encryption and configurable permissions

If the proper steps aren’t taken to secure remote sessions, they can leave critical vulnerabilities for bad actors to exploit. MSPs and IT support staff need remote desktop support solutions that prioritize security. N-able Take Control operates using security protocols designed to keep data safe and help drive compliance.

N-able Take Control not only applies AES-256 encryption to help ensure data is protected, but also utilizes an elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol to further enhance data security. Granular technician security controls allow you to apply the principle of least privilege to reduce risk, and built in two-factor authentication (2FA) maximizes security and prevents the creation of unauthorized remote sessions.

N-able Take Control also automatically deletes copied data from the clipboard at the end of a remote session and allows admins to set sessions to automatically terminate if they sit idle for an extended period.

Remote desktop solutions for business help resolve issues faster

  • Robust diagnostic tools make it easy to troubleshoot remote workstations and devices
  • Maintain your customers’ trust with built-in safe data-handling features
  • Seamlessly integrate with N-able Passportal for a powerful remote management suite