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Create tickets, simplify billing, and effectively manage your IT operation

Your IT service desk software should smooth out your workflow—not add more wrinkles. Streamlined for IT professionals, N-able Remote Monitoring & Management’s service desk gives you the tools you need to run your IT business or department without bogging you down in minutia. From quick ticketing to our mobile application to easy scheduling and billing, you’ll find everything you need to reduce the paperwork and focus on providing outstanding service to your users.

Manage tickets

Simplify your ticket workflow

  • Ticket management: View issue details, time entries, appointments, histories, and communications for each ticket.
  • Fast ticket creation: Set the system to automatically create tickets from incoming emails or create tickets in seconds using our quick ticket feature.
  • Mobile application: Bring your service desk with you via the mobile app, which gives technicians full access to ticketing, scheduled appointments, and full customer details.
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Manage your IT workforce

  • Dashboards: Assess the health of your IT operation with our dashboards that let you view employee statistics as well as revenue information if you’re running an IT service business.
  • Scheduling: Quickly add appointments in seconds for any technician in the workforce and have the system sync with other calendars.
  • User management: Store and view all user information from one place, including passwords, procedures, asset information, contact information, and site locations.
  • Billing: If you’re running an IT service business rather than an in-house IT department, the service desk feature will enable you to easily batch export invoices to use with your accounting software.

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