24th June, 2013

Linux monitoring with remote management software

How is a business supposed to manage computers both reliably and efficiently? Here are two tools that will help you do you job cost-effectively and efficiently.

20th May, 2013

How to Maintain Profitability in Your MSP Contracts

While the focus of most Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) is understandably providing help and support to their clients, doing so without being aware of the levels of profitability within these...

19th February, 2013

Managed Services Proposal Templates - Getting Started

My belief that IT companies and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) should NOT be writing proposals is well documented (See Sales Proposals: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly).

28th January, 2013

5 Tips to Getting Great Customer Testimonials

Herman, with Vertical Axion, here again with some tips to help you create marketing that works. Earlier today a client and I were talking about completely free tools that you can...

25th September, 2012

MSP Pricing Strategies

Pricing managed services involves more than setting hourly consulting rates. Read this post designed to help you get your pricing right.

16th August, 2012

Determining a Unique Selling Point for Your MSP

Let’s face it; the IT services marketplace is a crowded one. Everyone from unqualified amateur techies to huge household names offer to provide IT support these days. Your MSP needs...

7th August, 2012

MSP Pricing: Is the Price Right?

Pricing MSP services is complicated – far more so than when IT services were typically charged on an hourly or daily basis.

17th July, 2012

SLA Resolution & Response Times

Defining acceptable response and resolution times is a key task in the production of IT service level agreements (SLAs). It is sensible to give these timings some serious thought, rather than...